30 great infographic examples


By: Lucidpress marketing team

30 great infographic examples

We live in a visual world. Whether it’s through social media, popup ads or posters at the bus stop, we are constantly bombarded with visual information. And there’s a reason for this: Images help our brains retain information — this is what makes infographics such effective communication tools. 

If you spend any time on the internet, you’ve likely seen dozens of infographic examples. They’re everywhere.  

Infographics pair visuals with written information to present data in an easy-to-digest format. The good ones do, at least. Poorly made infographics can be confusing and, frankly, pretty ugly. 

So what makes a “good” infographic design? 

It’s a big question with a bigger answer. Rather than dive into a long-winded explanation, let’s take a look. (Show, nottell, right?) 

In this post, we’ve collected 30 of our favorite infographic examples from across the internet and provided a brief explanation of what makes them effective. Whether you work in marketing, journalism, or something else entirely, look through our list to get inspiration for your next infographic!  

30 great infographic design examples

The Sustainable Development Goals Report

The Sustainable Development Goals Report

This infographic shows the power of restraint. The limited color palette and simple layout give the infographic a clean, striking look without distracting from the information being presented. 

More Than 40% Of U.S. Renter Households Are At Risk Of Eviction

More Than 40% Of U.S. Renter Households Are At Risk Of Eviction

As soon as you see this infographic, you start to absorb information. It’s easy to see that it’s a map of the United States; the colors, ranging from yellow to dark red, clearly represent some data points (in this case, the percentage of renters facing possible eviction). By using familiar images and colors, this infographic says a lot without relying on blocks of text. 

Coronavirus infographic

Coronavirus infographic

Font color helps guide the reader through an image. As you look at this infographic example, notice how the red text pulls your eyes towards the headers.

This is how alternative energy works infographic

This is how alternative energy works

A striking background can be visually appealing and informative — just look at the map used as the backdrop for this image. To avoid a cluttered appearance, the designers placed the infographic’s diagrams and key in a dark area of the background. 

What you need to know about COVID-19 infographic

What you need to know about COVID-19

We’ll be the first to admit it: From an aesthetic standpoint, this infographic could use some improvement. What it lacks in visual appeal, however, it makes up for in functionality. The information presented in this infographic flows logically, allowing the viewer to absorb crucial information about COVID-19 quickly. 

The ABC of Design infographic

The ABC of Design

Nobody would trust a poorly designed infographic about design. Fortunately, this infographic example walks the walk. From the colors to the geometry, it’s clear that every visual aspect was rigorously thought out, thus putting into practice important graphic design concepts.

Design Roadmap infographic

Design Roadmap

This uncomplicated infographic example makes use of a simple linear design to visually guide the reader from top to bottom, while the muted colors give the design a cohesive appearance. Click here to customize this infographic template! 

How to build a human infographic

How to build a human

Any infographic depicting a process — be it abstract or easy to understand — needs to carefully direct the viewer through graphics. The spiral design of this infographic example is a creative way to do just that.

The daily routines of famous creative people infographic

The daily routines of famous creative people

An infographic that has it all: a simple key, appealing color palette and straightforward layout. Out of all of our infographic examples, this one best highlights a key principle —  Simple isn’t necessarily boring.

Famous writers’ sleep habits infographic

Famous writers’ sleep habits

The sketched portraits of each writer on this infographic are an excellent use of accessible and user-friendly visuals. They add both information and style to the graphic without breaking the established color palette.

Food and wine pairings infographic

Food and wine pairings

Though this infographic is visually busy and a bit loud, it’s never disordered or too chaotic. It conveys a lot of information, but there’s a logic to it, which prevents it from overwhelming the viewer. 

Transportation infographic

Transportation infographic

Between the visual cues and large header text, it’s immediately apparent that this infographic is about transportation. The road casually leads the viewer from one block of text to the next — customize the text to make this infographic your own!

How often do the French kiss infographic

How often do the French kiss

Most of our infographic examples are somewhat serious. So here’s a fun one! This infographic doesn’t take itself too seriously, both in subject matter and presentation. That being said, it still gets its message across.

The ten commandments of UI design infographic

The ten commandments of UI design

If you’re trying to pack a lot of info into a small space, geometry is your friend. By using a grid layout, the infographic’s designers included ten UI guidelines, as well as examples of each guideline. 

The charted cheese wheel infographic

The charted cheese wheel

Out of our 30 infographic examples, this one pairs content and design best. The cheese wheel design is clever, relevant to the subject and still effective!

What your brand colors say about your business infographic

What your brand colors say about your business

The grey background of this infographic makes the colors — which are used sparingly — really pop. There’s a lot of information that could otherwise look and feel as though it’s competing for the reader’s attention, but instead it’s easy to find what you’re looking for based on the visual cues. 

Millions of lines of code infographic

Millions of lines of code

Bar graphs are one of the simplest, most effective ways to compare and present data. That said, there’s a small problem in using bar graphs: Visually, they can be, well, lacking. This infographic dresses the bar graph up a bit, making it visually appealing while maintaining its effectiveness.

Guide to moving infographic

Guide to moving

What do you get when you combine vertical and horizontal design elements? An infographic that boasts a  simple and visually pleasing layout. Want to replace the generic information with your own? Try the template!

10 easy homemade soups infographic

10 easy homemade soups

Most of the infographic examples in our list stick to charts and illustrations. But did you know that you can use pictures as well? This infographic uses photographs in a fun, relevant way. 

The essential herb and food pairing guide infographic

The essential herb and food pairing guide

Sometimes wordy descriptions just don’t cut it. Plus, imagine if you tried to describe what most herbs look like? All your descriptions would sound the same! The small, simple illustrations on this infographic provide the viewer with information that couldn’t be conveyed in writing: the actual appearance of each herb. 

Best in show: the ultimate data dog infographic

Best in show: the ultimate data dog

This infographic is both fun and informative. A two-axis grid is a simple way to organize data — but you might not expect that data to be dogs!

How-to healthy lifestyle infographic

How-to healthy lifestyle

A strong central image immediately grabs the reader’s attention. This infographic uses visuals to pull the reader in, but only has filler text. Want to try adding your own text? Click here to try personalizing this template.

History of life infographic

History of life

If you want to cut down on writing and clutter, color coding might be the move for you. Just don’t forget to include a key! The keys can be placed at the edges of your graphic, as seen in this example, to keep your visuals from becoming cluttered. 

30 shots infographic

30 shots

This is a deceptive little infographic. In very little space, the graphic carefully conveys each recipe and what the final product should look like. 

Inform and educate: stop the spread of COVID-19 infographic

Inform and educate: stop the spread of COVID-19

This infographic pairs a vertical layout with minimal text to clearly convey its message. It only takes a glance to take in the information presented. Want to take a stab at customizing this template? Click here!

A world of languages infographic

A world of languages

Proportional comparisons make for effective visuals. Without reading anything but the largest text, I can tell you that a lot more people speak Chinese than, say, Bengali. If I look a little closer, I can tell you exactly how many more. 

42 butterflies of north america infographic

42 butterflies of north america

The standout element of this infographic is obviously the beautiful illustrations. But the graphic has substance too, providing scale, location, and other important details.

Cheetah: nature’s speed machine infographic

Cheetah: nature’s speed machine

If you’re going to go heavy on the information, sticking to minimalist design can help you illustrate your point or end goal more succinctly. For instance, this infographic example is jam-packed with info, but the two-tone color scheme keeps things feeling visually clean and simple.


Learning to code infographic

Learning to code

It’s worth noting that out of all the infographic examples on our list, this is one of the most text-heavy. Notice how the written information is organized into columns, making it easy to digest. So if you can’t find images or visuals that fit your infographic, there’s no need to fret. You can still organize information in an easy-to-digest manner.

Numbers infographic

Numbers infographic

Balancing charts and graphs with text can be tough — the layout is everything. This infographic example pairs visuals with text in a simple but effective way. And the best part? It’s completely customizable! Check out this template  to make it your own.

Try it, you know you want to!

Feeling inspired? To start creating your infographics, you’ll first need an infographic maker — this is where Lucidpress comes in. Lucidpress is a cloud-based content creation platform for designers and non-designers alike who need to make pamphlets, infographics, and much more. And the best part? You can get started for free!

If starting your infographic from scratch feels a little daunting, don’t worry — we’ve got plenty of templates to get you started. 

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