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31 May 2016

From 1M to 2M users: 4 steps to scale your growth

After the first stage of growth, it becomes harder to scale. We share some of our suggestions after Lucidpress grew from 1M to 2M users in a single year.

Posted By: Vicky Thomas
20 May 2016

21 creative brochure cover design ideas for your inspiration

If you're looking for a little brochure design inspiration, check out these 21 examples of attractive brochures you can actually use. Free templates included.

Posted By: Jarom McDonald
02 May 2016

11 hilarious examples of bad design

Bad design can be funny, painful, embarrassing—or all three at once. But it can also be instructive. Here are 11 examples of bad design to avoid.

Posted By: Jarom McDonald
11 April 2016

3 steps to build brand consistency

Consistency is key. This 3-step process can help any organization achieve brand consistency by defining their brand's purpose, position and personality.

Posted By: Jarom McDonald