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What words would you use to describe your brand?

Trustworthy? Client-centric? Knowledgeable? Service-oriented?

All great companies want to embody — and be known for being — those things.

But here's the reality: you can't produce an ad that says, "I'm trustworthy" or "I'm knowledgeable."

So how do you articulate who you are from the first impression?


On this episode of Brand Land, Remington Reece, creative director at Ebby Halliday Companies, discussed credibility through design.

What we talked about:

  • What credibility through design looks like

  • Why design is important to creating first impressions and building credibility

  • How to get your design back on track

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Author Bio

With 10 years of marketing experience, Garrett Jestice knows all-too-well the pain of brand inconsistency and wasted design time. Garrett joined Lucidpress as its first marketing hire and loves knowing he gets to help improve the workloads (and lives) of creative people around the world.