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By: Kaz Weida

Whether you’re revamping an existing email newsletter or starting one from scratch, you may be overwhelmed by the mountain of decisions in front of you. Fortunately, building a better newsletter starts with a really simple question: What do your subscribers want to read and how can you help? Once you’ve decided what you have to offer your readers, pulling together your newsletter becomes a matter of how to make those insights accessible to your audience.

Before you dive into the deep end of all things newsletter, it’s important to note that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of good newsletter examples to draw inspiration from and templates that can do the heavy lifting. From design details that distill your brand to reader-friendly layouts that make formatting a breeze, Lucidpress puts a wealth of newsletter design expertise at your fingertips with our newsletter creator and newsletter templates.

How to generate email newsletter content

Looking at what other newsletters do well can inspire insights. While it’s worthwhile to glean lessons wherever you find them, it may also benefit your company to decide exactly why you’re investing in an email newsletter and what purpose it serves. Here are just a few potential newsletter topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Blog or video round-up

  • Product launches

  • Case studies

  • Job openings

  • PR or company announcements

  • Best practices, tips and advice

  • Sales, deals and promotions

  • Industry updates

  • Quotes and interviews

  • Surveys, FAQs and feedback

  • Listicles and how-to articles

  • Team or employee spotlights, announcements and profiles

  • Customer success stories

  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly business updates

  • Training or webinar opportunities

Ready to get to the good stuff and start your own newsletter? Hop on over and see our collection of newsletter templates, or peruse our choices for the best examples of newsletters below.

10 really good newsletters examples that’ll inspire you

After scouring the internet (and our inbox), here’s a list of really darn good newsletter examples we found, along with insights into what makes these curated picks exceptional email marketing.

1. Here Magazine

Brand: Away

Away creates modern luggage with an emphasis on simple, resilient design. Its newsletter has morphed into a magazine approach with product highlights, travel guides, and stunning photos from customers around the globe.

What makes this email newsletter great?

As you might expect from a brand focused on stylish yet functional design, Away uses its email newsletter to draw readers in with color and lots of landscape eye candy. One of the most effective things about this visual newsletter is the “refer a friend” CTA at the top. Away knows this email newsletter isn’t just driving sales but is also a great opportunity to build brand ambassadors.

Away email marketing example

2. Moz’s Top 10 

Brand: Moz

If you work in marketing in any capacity, you’re likely familiar with Moz. Moz sends out a semi-monthly newsletter infamous for its SEO insights (and best in class subject lines) called the Moz Top 10. It’s a staple of email marketing and has an enviable industry reputation.

What makes this email newsletter great?

The Moz Top 10 email newsletter highlights content not just from the Moz team but also from across the marketing industry with the kind of careful curation that makes it invaluable. The simple, straightforward approach focused on a limited number of actionable items makes the Moz Top 10 one of the good newsletter examples that prove more is not better.

MOZ email newsletter template example

3. The Wirecutter

Brand: NY Times

When it comes to creating the perfect hybrid between product reviews and informative articles, there are few newsletter examples better than The Wirecutter from The New York Times. This weekly newsletter dives deep into tech topics with real, practical advice that manages not to overwhelm.

What makes this email newsletter great?

Wirecutter knows it churns out a lot of content, but the brand also knows its audience wants what they want when they want it. This newsletter makes it easy for readers to self-serve a variety of content on the site from aggregated lists and recommended articles.

wirecutter email newsletter example

4. The Girlfriend

Brand: AARP

This isn’t your mom’s AARP anymore. To reach modern women over 40, AARP has revamped their brand with The Girlfriend. This digital magazine is an email newsletter that dishes up trends, health advice and a wealth of resources for professional women scaling the peaks of successful careers and grappling with complicated families.

What makes this email newsletter great?

The Girlfriend has design elements and formatting that convey the sort of magazine you might thumb through at the salon or doctor’s office. Bright and breezy, this is one of those email newsletter examples that’s easy to skim but still acts as an informative resource on topics AARP’s members care about. The windowpane design cuts down on chaos and doesn’t confuse readers with visual or cognitive challenges.

the girlfriend email newsletter examples

5. Cook Smarts

Brand: Cook Smarts

Cook Smarts wants to help you spend time in your kitchen, not at your computer or smartphone making shopping lists. Its downloadable meal plans and recipes create grocery lists automatically, letting chefs avoid the hassle and enjoy the pleasure of discovering new cuisines. The Weekly Eats newsletter is filled with recipes, infographics and how-tos so home cooks can make the most of the time they’ve saved.

What makes this email newsletter great?

Cook Smarts piques your interests with a menu of recipes and doesn’t overcomplicate things with huge pictures that take up tons of real estate. This is one of those newsletter examples with a straightforward approach that helps subscribers quickly download a meal plan on the website or forward the newsletter to a friend, automatically building in amplification of the brand.

Cook Smarts Email Newsletter Example


Brand: South by Southwest

You might be familiar with South by Southwest (SXSW) as a music and film festival that takes place in Austin, Texas, every year. But it’s also well known for a fantastic approach to website design and marketing, including an email newsletter that keeps readers informed about upcoming events and drives registrations.

What makes this email newsletter great?

Big, bold, beautiful images dominate the SXSW newsletter and generate excitement to be part of the experience. As one of the most highly visual newsletter examples on our list, SXSW doesn’t waste any words and makes calls to action easy to spot.

SXSW South by Southwest Email Newsletter Template

7. Chunkmail

Brand: Ben & Jerry’s

When you sign up to receive Ben & Jerry’s ChunkMail newsletter, you’ll get a blend of product updates sprinkled with recipes, thoughtful content on current campaigns, and even employee spotlights that’ll make you feel part of the team.

What makes this email newsletter great?

Ben & Jerry’s serves up a double scoop of humor in its newsletter in a way that aligns with the brand’s mission. Much of the newsletter’s prime real estate gives readers that signature swirl of the Vermont company’s commitment to nourishing the community and fostering a healthier planet.

Ben and Jerry's email newsletter template example

8. The Hustle

Brand: The Hustle

Many of us swim in a sea of content online, especially when it comes to news and social media. The Hustle is a daily newsletter that cuts the deluge down to something consumable. Its promise is to package all the business and tech news you’ll need in five minutes or less.

What makes this email newsletter great?

Newsletters that aggregate lots of sources can be a hot mess of tangled links. The Hustle’s design differentiates itself from other newsletter examples with a deep dive up top that uses bullet points to highlight digestible talking points, then saves the headline snippets for farther down the page. Readers will feel less overwhelmed up front and walk away feeling better informed.

The Hustle Email Marketing Example

9. Nature Conservatory

Brand: The Nature Conservatory

As a charitable organization focused on the environment, The Nature Conservatory updates subscribers on the status of ongoing concerns and campaigns for change in their monthly newsletter. This nonprofit organization also takes the time to highlight compelling photos that link to articles on their website about why nature matters.

What makes this email newsletter great?

The Nature Conservancy has a specific mission to inspire activism and keep future generations involved in advocacy and conservation efforts. This newsletter example is a blend of news updates and nature and wildlife content peppered with calls to action. Whether you’re willing to donate, sign petitions or volunteer, there’s something here for every level of advocacy.

Nature Conservatory Email Marketing Example Template

10. Inside Design Weekly Digest

Brand: Invision

Digital design gurus are likely familiar with Invision, the industry leader in helping professionals create digital product experiences adapted to various platforms. Invision’s weekly newsletter keeps designers up to date on trends, expert advice, and resources that are valuable in their day-to-day work.

What makes this email newsletter great?

As you might expect from Invision, subscribers get a crisp, cleanly designed newsletter that makes fantastic use of white space. But the weekly design digest is also a good newsletter example of making the most of clever headlines crammed into a limited space and how to make your calls to action pop. 

InVision email marketing example template

If you’ve been eating up the eye candy and failed to take notes on what you liked best about these newsletters, don’t worry. Lucidpress has made it easy with free newsletter templates. Explore and filter by topic to create your next email newsletter without the hassle of misplaced design elements or badly sized photos bleeding off the digital edge. Create something of value to deliver to the inbox of your subscribers that never fails to impress.

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