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25 June 2019

How to build a strong luxury brand

Today we're discussing what a luxury brand is and how it's different from other brands. We'll also provide insight into how to build and market a new luxury brand. 

Posted By: Sharon McElwee
19 June 2019

Elements of an effective brand promise

Here’s a promise: by the end of this guide you’ll know exactly what a brand promise is, and you’ll have plenty of examples to help you create your own in minutes. 

Posted By: Patrik Bindea
18 June 2019
17 June 2019

Guide to the magician brand archetype

As the name suggests, the magician brand archetype is mysterious and somewhat elusive. They’re also incredibly persuasive and driven to make positive change.

Posted By: Stephanie Bruce
14 June 2019

Guide to the caregiver brand archetype

Is your company's mission driven by the desire to help and support others? If this your dominant characteristic, consider embracing the caregiver brand archetype. 

Posted By: Andra Zaharia
13 June 2019
11 May 2019
18 April 2019
10 April 2019
03 April 2019

The minimalist guide to brand identity

Welcome to the minimalist guide to brand identity, where all the confusing & pretentious stuff is thrown out the window and we focus on the stuff that really matters. 

Posted By: Ollie Roddy