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19 November 2019

30 branding stats and facts

A strong brand is the bread and butter of today's businesses. Need some data to inspire yourself or others? Check out these 25 awesome branding stats & facts. 

Posted By: Hannah Hagee
12 November 2019
11 November 2019

Brand archetype quiz: Discover your brand archetype

Identifying a brand archetype helps you transform your brand from a name and a logo to an entity with a unique voice and personality. Our team created this quiz based on a similar process we used to identify our own brand archetype. Its quick, easy and actually kind of fun. Take the quiz to find your own brand identity.

Posted By: csanders
16 September 2019

How to write a brand positioning statement

A brand positioning statement is like the North Star. Learn to write your own with examples & tips from 4 high-performance brands with exceptional brand positioning. 

Posted By: Monique Seitz-Davis
25 June 2019
19 June 2019

Elements of an effective brand promise

Here’s a promise: by the end of this guide you’ll know exactly what a brand promise is, and you’ll have plenty of examples to help you create your own in minutes. 

Posted By: Patrik Bindea
18 June 2019
17 June 2019

Guide to the magician brand archetype

As the name suggests, the magician brand archetype is mysterious and somewhat elusive. They’re also incredibly persuasive and driven to make positive change.

Posted By: Stephanie Bruce
14 June 2019

Guide to the caregiver brand archetype

Is your company's mission driven by the desire to help and support others? If this your dominant characteristic, consider embracing the caregiver brand archetype. 

Posted By: Andra Zaharia
13 June 2019