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All marketers know that consistency in branding is key, but it can be challenging to maintain consistency in a company when you’re dealing with several offices and sales reps across multiple markets. I sat down with Chelsey Puckett, Marketing Manager at Texas Title, to discuss her strategic approach to implementing brand consistency across her company’s nine different offices throughout the state of Texas.

What we discussed:

  • Why it’s important to nail down your desired customer experience before attempting brand consistency
  • The direct correlation between good customer service and brand success
  • How seeking feedback from all levels and markets can improve brand buy-in from sales reps, managers and other office staff
  • The importance of taking baby steps and starting small when implementing new brand features across markets

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Author Bio

With 10 years of marketing experience, Garrett Jestice knows all-too-well the pain of brand inconsistency and wasted design time. Garrett joined Lucidpress as its first marketing hire and loves knowing he gets to help improve the workloads (and lives) of creative people around the world.