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21 October 2020

Creative personality test

Which creative personality type are you? Take the quiz to find out. As a reward, we'll send you a custom work-from-home survival kit based on your unique strengths and needs.

Posted By: Christina Sanders
09 October 2020
07 August 2020
11 August 2019

8 best fonts to use on a resume

An employer might make their final decision based on small details. Are you ready to think about the best fonts to use on your resume? Here are some of our favorites.

Posted By: Karla Renée
08 August 2019

10 ideas to design the best book cover

A book cover is your chance to make a positive first impression. As we go over these 10 book cover design ideas, jot down your observations to inspire your own design.

Posted By: Tucker Toolson & Karla Renee
01 August 2019
31 July 2019
01 May 2019
25 April 2019
23 April 2019

Resume examples & writing tips for 2019

Here are the most effective writing tips you can use to make your application compelling and effective. We also provide great resume examples you can use right away. 

Posted By: Andra Zaharia