?New feature alert: Embed spreadsheet tables in Lucidpress


By: Christina Sanders

We are pleased to announce that you can now embed spreadsheet tables in Lucidpress.

What this means for you:

It’s now easier than ever to import data with connected spreadsheets. You can quickly update financial calculations and rate comparisons to make a personalized finance calculator, and you’ll be able to update tables with cell formulas and references and lock down cells with data that you don’t want changed.

What you’ll have full control over:

  • Cell formulas

  • Cell references

  • Formula toolbars

  • Cell-level locking

How to use this feature

Lucidpress has several ready-made templates with tables and formulas already built in. Try this template.

You can also drag-and-drop a pre-made financial table into any document of your choosing.

More details on formulas

Lucidpress rounds out its table data capabilities by offering formulas to users. Much the way spreadsheet tools allow users to analyze, adjust and quantify their data, Lucidpress allows users to run certain formulas on their documents.

Data can be added to tables in various ways, including linking data from spreadsheets, or adding custom data. Custom data can contain static values, or formulas. For more information on writing your own formulas, visit this article.

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Christina Sanders

Christina joined Lucidpress with years of marketing experience under her belt. She serves as inbound marketing manager developing both B2B and B2C marketing channels. Most recently she worked as a campaign manager at 97th Floor, a digital marketing agency where she managed integrated marketing campaigns. Christina graduated from BYU’s public relations program.

Outside the office, you’ll find Christina teaching piano lessons or cooking a new recipe she found on Pinterest.

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