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Competition for customers is fiercer than ever, but a well-planned franchise marketing strategy can make you stand out from the crowd.

However, strategy is quite a complex subject. Can it be condensed into a simple article?

If you ask us, we say yes. We've distilled the most important steps a marketing strategy should contain. You'll see in the examples below that even major brands follow the principles explained in this article.

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Whether you're a franchisor, a franchisee or a marketer, this is a great practical resource for you because every principle here is backed with concrete examples to inspire you.

Ready? Let's dive right in.

Segment your audience if you want to maximize your results

You already know that you can have the best product on the planet, the most persuasive sales message, or the most creative ad ever—but if you deliver it to the wrong person, it will never work, right?

This applies whether you're a franchisor looking for franchise buyers or a franchisee who wants to attract more people to your business.

So, if you want to make the most of your marketing efforts, your marketing plans have to start with your core audience in mind.

Below, you can find a few essential questions to ask yourself (or even better, your existing customers) to find out who's most likely to buy from you.

Questions to ask yourself & your team:

  • What are your product/service's best features, and how does each translate into a benefit for the consumer?
  • What's special about your product/service in comparison to your competition? Are you unique, cheaper, quicker, better value, safer? The most trusted, the first, the oldest, the most tested?
  • What could be your customer's main objections?
  • Which topics are your customers interested in? Who influences your ideal client (books, publications, media, influencers, etc.)?
  • Where can you catch your ideal customer's attention? Phone, email, social media, TV?
  • What is your ideal buyer's income?

Questions to ask your existing customers:

  • Why did you choose us and not a competitor? Is there anything that pushed you in favor of us?
  • How did you find our website or location?
  • How would you feel if you could no longer use us? What would you miss?
  • What's one thing you don't like about a competitor, or that we could improve to better meet your needs?
  • What would you likely use as an alternative if we were no longer available?
  • Have you recommended us to anyone? Why or why not?
  • Prioritize channels

    One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is trying to be on every platform out there.

    Trying to tackle every channel available can be a great strategy if:

    1. You have the resources to do this (time + money + knowledge).
    2. Your audience is on every platform.

    The first point is pretty clear. Few companies have the resources to go that broad with their marketing efforts. Second, often times, our audience isn't everywhere.

    For example, if your target audience is between 18 to 25 years old, you might be better off going for Instagram than Facebook.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Statista

    Or, if you want to use Twitter as one of your main marketing channels in Europe, you might reconsider because Twitter hasn't penetrated Europe as much.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    There are a lot of effective channels available. How do you prioritize them?

    Here's a simple, tested system borrowed from growth hacking marketing you can use. This is the same marketing concept used by startups like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Airbnb:

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: GrowthHackers

    Cost — how much you expect to spend on that particular channel (check cost statistics beforehand).

    Targeting — how easy it is to reach your intended audience and how specific you can be. Does your chosen platform/channel have local advertising capabilities, for example?

    Control — how much control you have once you go live. Can you stop it easily or adjust if it's not going well? For example, it's much harder to change a billboard than a Facebook ad.

    Input time — how much time it will take to launch the experiment. Filming a television ad, for example, has a much longer input time than setting up a promoted tweet.

    Output time — how long it will take to get results once it's live. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) could be a great channel for your franchise marketing, but it has a much longer output time than pay-per-click does.

    Scale — how large an audience you can reach with the experiment. Television offers much larger scale than advertising on a niche blog does.

    Make sure you maintain consistent branding

    Different channels require different creative.

    Twitter is more text-based because people use it for news and articles.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Buffer

    Instagram is a more visual platform and requires high-resolution photos.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Buffer

    On Facebook, a recent BuzzSumo analysis found that videos have higher average engagement than images and links.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Buffer

    Therefore, no matter if you are a franchisor or a franchisee, you have to make sure you:

    1. Maintain consistent branding across all your franchises (as a franchisor).
    2. Maintain consistent branding across all your channels (as a franchisee).

    What does this congruent brand identity actually mean? Below, you'll find some real examples.

    Communicate your value proposition in the same way across all channels—offline, online, TV, radio, direct mail or anything else. [Click to tweet Tweet this]

    Franchise marketing strategy

    Your design (colors, logos, fonts, tone) has to be the same whether someone sees an ad on Facebook or landed on your website from a Google ad.

    One of the best examples here is Coca-Cola.

    As you can see, the color red is always present in one way or another. They also use the same fonts and design elements.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    Another important element to a congruent brand identity is tone of voice.

    If we continue our Coca-Cola example, we can see that almost all their posts express happiness, joy, fun, or the feeling of enjoying a great moment with friends.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    If we take another example, Charmin, you can see that whether they communicate offline or online, they maintain a playful tone.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    How can you make sure your franchise brand stays consistent?

    First, you'll have to create a brand manual which includes details about your tone of voice, preferred professional terms, and general code of conduct. Every business should have one, no matter their stage in the journey to perfect branding.

    (We've handpicked some of the best brand guideline examples for you.)

    Then, in order to minimize errors, you can create "best practice" templates that are in line with your brand's ethos and aesthetic.

    This ensures no one in your company has to take matters into their own hands, because they can draw on templates that reflect your brand every time they create a new document.

    If you're using Lucidpress, you can create & customize templates to easily create stunning content without having to start from scratch every time. And because of its innovative Brand Assets feature, you can make sure everyone is using the latest version of your branding elements. Fonts, colors and logos are all pre-loaded and ready to go.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    Before starting your efforts, make sure you can measure them

    There's an old adage that says half of the money invested in marketing is wasted. The problem is you don't know which half.

    Well, thanks to digital analytics, you can track your results so in-depth that you'd be amazed at how much leverage you have... if you measure the right things.

    Here are just a couple of examples. Let's say your marketing team developed two or three video messages for a certain audience, but you don't know which one to choose.

    It's super easy. On Facebook, for example, you can check how much of your video was actually watched by a particular group.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    If you compare it to television advertising, for example, you don't get this level of accurate data. You can't know whether a person left the room when the commercial started.

    But, Facebook isn't the only tool that allows you to track the results of your franchise advertising efforts.

    If you run email marketing campaigns, you can see how many people opened your email and clicked on the offer inside.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: MailChimp

    If you run any other digital marketing campaigns, you can check Google Analytics to see how much time people spend on your website, which campaign brought in the best results, where the most traffic comes from, and much more.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Optimize Smart

    Or, maybe you just bought a pizza franchise and you're using local Google Ads. You can track how many times people called versus how much money you've invested and see if there's a positive return on investment.

    Ultimately, analytics don't have to be limited to the online world. If you're using offline marketing tactics like flyers or coupons, you can use codes to measure whether your campaign was a success.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    Always keep an eye on trends

    Marketing is first and foremost a battle for attention. If you don't have people's attention, you can't communicate with them. If you can't communicate, you can't sell.

    In the 50s, attention was on the newspapers, then on TV and radio.

    Today, our attention is on social media. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger are becoming more powerful.

    Influencer marketing is growing, because they have people's attention and they've already earned their trust.

    Franchise marketing strategy
    Source: Google Trends

    What's next? Voice search & marketing will have a huge impact on consumer behavior. More than 35 million Americans used a voice-activated assistant at least once a month in 2017, according to eMarketer.

    Franchise marketing strategy

    Before you start your franchise marketing strategy...

    Everything starts with your ideal client in mind. From there, you decide which channels would bring you the best results, depending on your budget.

    Next, you have to make sure your brand identity stays consistent across all channels—from your value proposition to your design elements.

    Then, make sure you keep an eye on the latest trends in order to leverage first-mover advantages. This strategy will give your franchise business the best chance at standing out and finding success with your preferred customers.

    Maintain brand consistency with Lucidpress, the brand management platform for franchises. It's perfect for franchise brands of any size.

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