A guide to standard banner ad sizes


By: Amelia Wallace

If you’re diving into the world of display advertising with website banners, you’ll need to know what standard banner ads sizes are going to get the most attention.  

Banner ads appear at the top or along the side of a page, or partway through text, and they help drive brand awareness and sales as people click and visit your page. Some banners get more attention than others, though, and people have become quite skilled at ignoring advertisements. Choosing the right banner size will help ensure your ads get noticed.

Whether you’re using Google Ads or not, it’s important to know the different sizes of banner ads and how you can best use them. We’ve created a quick outline of the most common standard banner sizes to help you pick the right one to maximize your campaign reach.

Here are the most commonly used standard banner ad sizes:

Table of banner sizes

These five banner sizes have the highest click-through rates and will offer the most bang for your buck:

Mobile leaderboard (320 × 50)

mobile leaderboard

Small but mighty, mobile leaderboard ads perform better than all others. It might be because mobile ads are hard to ignore on a tiny screen, or it could be their charming, diminutive size. Either way, take advantage of mobile advertising, but make sure your text is big enough to read!

Medium rectangle (300 x 250)

Medium rectangle

Medium rectangle banner ads are small enough that you can sneak them in just about anywhere. They work well in the middle of large text blocks and can be sprinkled liberally across a page. They’re short, sweet and to the point, and you won’t have to worry about the design dynamics of a larger banner.

Large rectangle (336 × 280)

Large rectangle

Large rectangle banners are nearly as popular as the medium rectangles and offer all the same benefits in a slightly bigger package. They look good almost anywhere, including in the middle of an article, and they hit that sweet Goldilocks spot: Not too big, not too small — just right. 

Large skyscraper (300 × 600)

Large skyscrpaer

The biggest of the bunch, large skyscrapers (sometimes mysteriously called a half-pager, even though it doesn’t really take up half a page) are, as the name implies, tall. And big! They will get the attention of the user, so make sure to pull out the big design guns here. Bright colors and eye-catching fonts are a must. 

These banners are great for your flashiest campaigns, and the size alone tells people that whatever you’re advertising is important.

Leaderboard (728 × 90)


Leaderboards lord it over the rest of the banners by standing right smack dab at the top of the page, turning heads even if the user decides not to scroll or poke around at all. Given their prime real estate and top position, they get a lot of views. And where the views go, the clicks follow. 


Now that you’re more familiar with standard banner ad sizes, you can get started on your designs. If you need a little extra design help, why not try our free banner ad templates. We have tons of options to help you get going, and our drag-and-drop editor makes the design and export process super easy.

Start your next ad campaign with our collection of free banner ad templates

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