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Ep. 21

How to conquer imposter syndrome

In episode 21, we talk to Rachael Ferranti, who deals with imposter syndrome even as a Director of Marketing. Tune in for tips on conquering your own imposter syndrome.

featuring Rachael Ferranti
Director of Marketing | Selling Simplified

When I started this podcast, I invited the best and brightest minds in marketing to join me for a conversation. One of those was Rachael Ferranti, Director of Marketing at Selling Simplified.

Her response to my request for an interview was: Me? Best and brightest? What do I have to say? I got into marketing by the backdoor.

Her response led to our topic today. Rachael and I discussed imposter syndrome in marketing.

What we talked about:

  • A snapshot of Rachael's career from job seeking in Denver to her role today

  • Why she wanted to talk about imposter syndrome

  • The real reason brands can't be vulnerable

  • Advice for overcoming imposter syndrome

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