Homemade Christmas card ideas the new old-fashioned way


By: Jarom McDonald

Christmas is coming! The eggnog is back on the shelves, Jack Frost is back to his nipping, and Christmas music is back on the radio. And, for better or for worse, there's something else that's back:

The Christmas card question.

Americans everywhere are faced with the big decision of "to send or not to send," and there are a lot of strong opinions out there.

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I grew up with homemade Christmas cards streaming in around the holidays, and my mom would hang them up or put them on the refrigerator to enjoy until the end of the season. And honestly, I liked them. It was fun to see the family pictures and read everyone's stories. Christmas cards became a part of my holiday experience.

Homemade Christmas cards

Uncle Owen lives for the yearly Christmas card, but it usually doesn't get to him until March.

But with all the warm fuzzies that come from opening a festive Christmas card, there are some drawbacks: cost, clutter, and the time it takes to create traditional cards. In this post we've gathered some the best Christmas card ideas that you can DIY with an easy-to-use template

Christmas card ideas

Lucidpress has a collection of free, beautiful Christmas card templates and other holiday cards made by professional designers, so you don't have to wonder how to make cards that look lovely. And you won't lose the personal touch either—all our templates are customizable. Here's a sneak peek:

Photo Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

The template is a two-sided, 5” x 7” card with full photo coverage on the front and a coordinating red-striped border on both sides. Along with your photo, an emblem boasts a bold Merry Christmas, your family's name and the year.

Family Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

This Christmas card template has been designed to fit two beautiful photos on the front and reverse, with plenty of space for you to play around and add your own special touches

Joy Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

Spread a little joy this Christmas season with this light and cheerful card.

Classic business Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

Send a holiday greeting to your clients and customers to thank them for a great year

Family season's greetings Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

This template features a high-quality photo, bold graphics and appealing colors. Highlight your favorite family photo peeking out from a cheery design made up of golden yellows and greens.

Reindeer season's greetings holiday card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

This two-page template comes in a traditional red shade. The front page features classic stitched designs: an inner and outer border, snowflakes and prancing reindeer. Flip the card over and you can add an additional message of cheer or a family photo to further personalize it.

Holly photo Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

This stylish Christmas card template, complete with a beautifully festive overlay, has been professionally designed to add a magical touch to your family’s message this year.

Woodland photo Christmas card template

Free Christmas card designs and templates

Celebrate the simple things in life with this Christmas card template. Add a family photo or special moment from the year to personalize the card.

Holiday party card template

Christmas party invitation templates

Try our snazzy Christmas party invitation templates when you've finished designing your cards. And don't forget the New Year card templates to send the old year out in style.

DIY New Year Cards

How to distribute your Christmas card

With Lucidpress, you've got 3 ways to distribute your cards:


After starting with a template in Lucidpress, you can make a beautiful Christmas card (complete with adorable family photo). When it's finished, click "Share" and send the link to family and friends. There's no cost to distribute digitally, and no trees will be harmed in the process.

But wait, isn't that impersonal? Wouldn't I be pushing our society toward a cold, dark, dystopian future by just sending a digital card and calling it good? Should I watch Blade Runner this year instead of It's a Wonderful Life?

Slow down there. The only thing that should be cold at Christmas is the snow, and part two of my strategy ensures that the warmth of Christmas cards isn't lost by going digital.

The great thing about using Lucidpress is that you can distribute your homemade designs through both digital and traditional methods.


Remember the file you just shared? Download it as a PDF and take it to the printer of your choice. Pick the paper style and voila! You have a good old-fashioned Christmas card.

Digital publishing ensures that no one gets left off your list and frees you up to focus on the spirit of the holidays. But with this method, you can still add thoughtful touches to your printed cards before you send them off, like a handwritten note or a decorative bow.


Let us do all the work for you. Order prints and we'll ship them to your door. With our Print & Ship service, it's easier than ever to bring your unique creations to life. Our high-quality prints make photos look vibrant and gorgeous, and it's far more personal than any store-bought card. Have a long list of addresses? Use our Direct Mail feature to have cards printed and shipped directly to all of your family and friends.

Lucidpress lets you go digital and stay personal, with the best options of both worlds. And you'll save a bundle, because you can sign up for Lucidpress for free.

Ready to solve your Christmas card woes? These free templates will help you get started.

Free Christmas card templates

Pick a template

Jarom McDonald

Jarom McDonald works as a content specialist on Lucidpress's marketing team. Outside of work, Jarom loves watching movies, occasionally watching birds, eating pizza, and driving a Prius (a vehicle he will defend passionately). Follow him on Twitter: @jarom2011.

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