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At the end of the day, people aren’t going to stop shopping for homes or rentals.

So, how do you adapt to this new normal? More specifically, how do you keep everyone happy and healthy while ensuring the brokerage stays on-brand?

You give them the next best thing: a virtual experience.

With Lucidpress, you can easily create on-brand materials quickly and easily or lock down certain brand elements to prevent rogue content. However, to help everyone navigate (and thrive) during this new normal, we added a few extra perks to your Lucidpress templates.

Now, you can:

  • Embed links to virtual tours from Matterport, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Live.
  • Embed Matterport 3D renderings of the home or rental.

So not only does this empower agents to continue advertising and showing listings, but it ensures your brokerage shows up and stays on-brand.

As for your clients, it allows them to virtually explore every nook and cranny — ensuring they stay happy, healthy and safe by adhering to social distancing guidelines. So, everyone wins!

Help your clients find their dream home and keep agents on-brand — with Lucidpress.

See how it works.


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