Solving the case of the perfect resume


By: Hannah Hagee

Having trouble putting together your resume? You're not the first to be stumped! The perfect formula of designing, formatting, and drafting a resume is quite the mystery. However, thanks to the templates in Lucidpress, and the genius of Sherlock Holmes, you'll be exclaiming, "Elementary, Watson!" in no time.

To show you how to make a resume, we've chosen one of our favorite characters to serve as a step-by-step case study. We'll go through each section with examples of what you should include... and what should remain a mystery. Whether or not you read the rest of this post in Benedict Cumberbatch's velvety smooth voice is up to you.

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Introduce the facts

Just like solving a crime, a resume is built by putting together the pieces. After selecting a template, begin with the header. This section includes your personal information—the facts! You always start with what you know.

how to make a resume

Flesh out your history

Now that you've got the basic details down, it's time to really start digging in. Not sure where to start? Here's a clue: begin with your experience. Again, you gotta start with what you know! Include the names of companies you have worked for, your position, and the dates you worked there.

For each position you've had, include two to three bullet points of what you accomplished while there. Answer the question: So what? What was the result of your contributions, and why was that important? Be precise but detailed in your bullets. Quantify with data or numbers to be specific. This builds a better story, allowing your potential employer to easily make deductions about your skills and work ethic.

how to make a resume

Remember to pay attention to the details. It looks like Sherlock skimped out on some of the specifics, assuming potential employers are already aware of his accomplishments. Don't make the same mistake, because unlike Sherlock, your reputation will probably not precede you.

Show off achievements & accomplishments

The third piece of your resume showcases additional information about you: your education, along with your skills & qualifications. Having trouble remembering the details about your school days? Time to use your mind palace. Include the school you attended, the degree you received, and the dates. It is optional, but you may include test scores, GPA, or any awards or honors received while studying.

For Skills & Qualifications, highlight capabilities that are pertinent to the job you are seeking. Certifications in software programs, additional languages, and personal accomplishments can be listed to great effect.

how to make a resume

Your resume is now complete. Time to edit and review. As you look over your resume, remember to ask yourself, "So what?" Make sure every word supports your accomplishments, capabilities, and talents. Do not be afraid to show off! Or, as Sherlock would say, don't be dull. However, never extrapolate the truth. Keep your resume honest to avoid misleading clues.

Once you've reviewed your work, ask a friend or trusty partner to look over your resume and catch any mistakes you might've missed. Once you've taken care of any typos or errors, try sending your resume to a mentor. Ask them for feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

Bring in the witnesses

Often times, when applying for a job, potential employers will ask for a list of references. On a separate page from your resume, include a short list of potential contacts, along with their information. The references can be previous employers or business partners who can provide a strong recommendation for you.

how to make a resume

Be sure to notify your references that you are submitting their information with your resume. Not only is this polite, it ensures that they will be prepared to endorse you and your skills. On that note, never include references that might not speak highly of you, as well as unreliable or unpredictable sources.

Simple as that! You've solved the mystery. Now that you have your resume, you are ready to crack your next case. Or, rock your job interview. Whichever you prefer. The game is on!

Want to see Sherlock Holmes' resume in full? Take a look at the dashing detective's CV right here in Lucidpress.

Now that you know how to make a resume, you can design and print your own. Pick out a free template to get started!

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Hannah Hagee

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