Surprise your mom with these Mother's Day card ideas


By: Charly Kuecks

One hundred years ago, Mother's Day gained official status as a U.S. holiday. Here at Lucidpress, we know we wouldn't be where we are today without our moms. Join in on the fun with our Mother's Day card creation challenge!

Mother's Day Event Invitation

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The challenge

The challenge is to revive an oldie but a goodie: send a card to your mom, aunt, grandma, big sister or other maternal figure in your life. In a world of text messages and impersonal communication, taking the time to design a Mother's Day card will really show that you care. Lucidpress card templates work equally well for either print or digital—so delight your mom with an envelope in her (online or real-life) mailbox.

With over 350 templates available to our premium account holders, you can find a flyer, invitation, or even a photo book to adapt for your digital or print Mother's Day gift. Your mom probably told you to keep an eye out for deals: if you want to try before you buy, our free two-week premium account trial will last you through the holiday.

Mother's Day Card Idea 1: Retro card

Warm filters, DIY projects and vintage finds are all the rage. For your mom and grandma, that's just how their cameras worked. Adapt a Lucidpress flyer as a throwback to an earlier era. This card has the vintage style of the Belle Epoque, an art movement in late-1800s France.

Mother's Day Card Retro Style

To create your own:

  1. Open a new document in Lucidpress.

  2. Pick the size and orientation that will work best for your card. (At 5.5 x 8.5 in., you could print two copies of this card on a sheet of letter paper.)

  3. Import a vintage poster image (and make sure it's public domain). You can change the opacity in the right-side menu. Try starting at 50%, then go up or down from there in 10% increments.

  4. Choose a background color to complement your image.

  5. Customize your message: in the Font Manager, you can filter by Retro fonts.

  6. Under File, choose Download As, Print or Share to send a vintage e-card.

  7. Want to send your card through the mail? Select Order Prints in the upper-right corner to order a gorgeous, high-quality card. Deliver it to yourself, or straight to your mom!

To get a filtered look for your card, try layering a rectangle over your image. Grays, blues & purples give a cool look, while reds, golds & oranges lend a warm feeling. Once you have your image set:

Mother's Day Card Retro Style
  1. Drag a rectangle over the part of the canvas you want to filter.

  2. Set the border to zero and change the fill color of your shape.

  3. Change the opacity and color until you get the perfect filter.

This image has a semi-transparent gray filter over the right side, and the brown line shows you where to fold the card. This Mother's Day card uses a custom font. To get a similar look, premium account holders can upload their own fonts. A good site for finding free font families which are supported in Lucidpress is Font Squirrel.

Make your mom's day a little brighter by taking the Mother's Day Lucidpress Challenge. Share your best creations with us in the comments or by tweeting us @Lucidpress with the hashtag #LucidpressMoms.

Mother's Day Card Idea 2: Make more for your mom

You can create more than just cards in Lucidpress. How about an event flyer or party invitation? Ladies love brunch, whether you're an amateur gourmet chef or the owner of a local eatery. Get a flyer designed and shared in mere minutes—though it will look like you hired a pro to do it. You can also spread the word with printed handouts or a link on social media sites.

See below for an example of this style of flyer. With beautiful imagery and easy-to-read text, it'll get your guests' mouths watering in no time.

Mother's Day Event Invitation Template

Idea 3: Throw a party

You really should remember your parents all year-round. Celebrate the wedding anniversary of your mom and dad, your neighbors, or you and your spouse with a custom event invitation. With springtime in full swing, wedding season is definitely upon us.

Go green and share your invite electronically. That way you can include an email or site link for your guests to RSVP.

To add interactivity to your digital flyer, follow these steps:

Wedding Anniversary Invitation
  1. In the bottom-center panel, choose Interactivity Mode, the second choice from the left. It's represented with a cursor.

  2. Select the element you want to make interactive.

  3. From the menu, choose whether you want your guests to send an email or go to a registry or event site.

Why use Lucidpress for DIY cards?

Lucidpress is a versatile layout & design tool that can not only save you time, but also save you money when designing cards, invitations & flyers for all the special occasions in your life. With pre-made templates in a wide array of categories, you spend less time in the software and more time with the people you love. Don't forget to share Lucidpress with your mom—great technology knows no age boundaries.

Ready to accept our Mother's Day DIY challenge? These free card templates will help you get started.

Ready to get started? Choose from our collection of free card templates

View Card Templates

Charly Kuecks

Post contributed by Charly Kuecks.

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