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By: Amelia Wallace

Creating content without a cohesive content strategy makes it harder to focus your efforts and find success, but there are a host of content creation tools at your disposal to help you plan, research and even create your content. Check them out below.

Content creation tools for visual content

1. Lucidpress

Lucidpress homepage screenshot

A stellar solution for any organization, Lucidpress offers a slew of options for creating your own content. From brand templating to banner ads, Lucidpress is easy to use and laden with user-friendly features. Lucidpress also offers team management of assets, real-time collaboration and tool integration.


  • Free

  • Pro, $10/mo.

  • Team, $12/user/mo.

  • Business, custom pricing

2. Venngage

Venngage homepage screenshot

Venngage is content creator software filled with hundreds of unique templates you can choose from to visually tell a story. Pick a template, add charts, text and visuals, and then customize your new infographic with colors and fonts to make it your own.


  • Free, limited plan

  • Premium, $19/mo.

  • Business, $49/mo.

  • Enterprise, custom pricing

  • 50% off for students and nonprofits

3. Stencil

Stencil homepage screenshot

Stencil is a wonderful option for easily creating compelling ads, social media graphics, impressive blog headers and more. Its graphic design tool is user-friendly for anyone, whether you’re a social media marketer, business owner or blogger. All paid plans even come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.


  • Free

  • Pro, $9/mo.

  • Unlimited, $12/mo.

4. Creatopy

Creatopy homepage screenshot

Bring your designs to life with Creatopy (formerly known as Bannersnack). Transform stagnant content into designs that move with Creatopy’s video editing tool. Creatopy delivers templates based on your industry, expert guidance, timely resources and more all in one graphic design platform.


  • Free

  • Create, $17/mo.

  • Automate, $35/mo.

  • Enterprise, custom pricing

5. Visme

Visme homepage screenshot

Need help with your visual content? Visme offers an extensive library of templates, objects, icons and so much more to choose from. You can build infographics, ad banners, reports, charts and social media visuals while also creating interactive assets.


  • Free

  • Standard, $15/mo.

  • Business, $29/mo.

  • Enterprise, custom pricing

  • Discounts for education and nonprofit plans

6. Ceros

Ceros homepage screenshot

Ceros allows anyone in design or content marketing to create immersive content without having to write a single line of code. With Ceros, you can transform your emails, documents, and even Snapchat quizzes.


7. Foleon

Foleon homepage screenshot

Content creation software meant for driving engagement across multiple devices, Foleon helps customer-facing teams to create on-brand, high-performing content at scale. Foleon provides access to customizable templates, role setting and theme controls for everyone in your organization.


Content creation tools for copy

8. WordPress

WordPress homepage screenshot

Blogger or not, coder or not, WordPress is a solid option for creating copy. This user-friendly platform allows just about anyone on your team to build, post and share blog content.


  • Free

  • Personal, $4/mo.

  • Premium, $8/mo.

  • Business, $25/mo.

  • eCommerce, $45/mo.

9. Socialbakers

Socialbakers homepage screenshot

If you need inspiration for the right content to create, check out Socialbakers. This content ideas tool helps you tap into the best performing content across social media platforms and lets you curate your own, knowing it’s going to work.


10. homepage screenshot gives you the ability to curate content from a range of third-party sources, all selected and editorialized for you. Create and share the content you want in a range of different ways, whether internally or on your social media.


  • Individuals, free

  • Businesses, request a demo

11. Google Trends

Google Trends homepage screenshot

Google Trends analyzes the popularity of search terms across timeframes, regions and languages. It sounds technical, but it’s a truly useful tool that will help you create highly sought-after content without doing too much work behind the scenes.


  • Free with a Google account

12. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor homepage screenshot

Email requires short and concise copy, which can sometimes be hard to create. With Hemingway Editor, you can make your copy more readable and quickly shorten sentences. Run your written copy through the web app and you’ll see the opportunities to make it better for your readers in seconds.


  • Free

Content creation tools for email

13. Lucidpress

Lucidpress homepage screenshot

Not just for creating visual content, Lucidpress is a great solution for email. Access our library of 1,000+ free templates to help grow your brand no matter what industry you’re in. You’ll never see a stretched logo or off-brand content again.


  • Free

  • Pro, $10/mo.

  • Team, $12/user/mo.

  • Business, custom pricing

14. Movable Ink

Movable Ink homepage screenshot

Movable Ink is designed to provide unique visual experiences based on a user’s individual preferences. It lets you target your audience based on their location, weather, time and even device.


15. GetResponse

GetResponse homepage screenshot

In our list of email content tools, this one is pretty cool. GetResponse gives you the tools needed to build powerful emails that look stunning on tablets, mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers.


  • Basic, $15/mo.

  • Plus, $49/mo.

  • Professional, $99/mo.

  • Max, custom pricing

Content creation tools for video and audio

16. Animoto

Animoto homepage screenshot

Start creating and sharing your own videos with Animoto’s easy drag-and-drop video maker. Pick from one of the video templates, fill it with stock images and music, and make it all your own with Animoto’s customization tools.


  • Free

  • Professional, $15/mo.

  • Team, $39/mo.

17. StreamYard

StreamYard homepage screenshot

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your very own browser. You can share your screen; interview guests; stream directly to YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook, and so much more.


  • Free

  • Basic, $20/mo.

  • Professional, $39/mo.

18. Biteable

Biteable homepage screenshot

Used by Airbus, Virgin and Panasonic, Biteable is a great option out of the wide array of content creation tools. Biteable has a ton of templates that let you create powerful videos with a professional air.


  • Free

  • Plus, $19/mo.

  • Ultimate, $49/mo.

19. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja homepage screenshot

Famous for its simplicity, WebinarNinja is the perfect one-stop content creation tool if you want to launch your own webinar. It has an extensive template library that will help you create professional-looking sign-up pages without needing a developer or a designer.


  • Starter, $39/mo.

  • Pro, $79/mo.

  • Plus, $129/mo.

  • Power, $199/mo.

20. Zoom

Zoom homepage screenshot

Zoom comes with a cost-effective price tag, so you can not only host webinars but also customize and brand your registration forms and emails.


  • Basic, free

  • Pro, $149.90 annually

  • Business, $199.90 annually

  • Zoom United Business, $300 annually

21. Renderforest

Renderforest homepage screenshot

Renderforest is a cloud-based branding tool that allows users to create video, infographic animations, slideshows and music visualizations. Even better, you get access to Renderforest designers who can help you build your own website or create a logo.


  • Free

  • Lite, $6.99/mo.

  • Amateur, $9.99/mo.

  • Pro, $19.99/mo.

  • Agency, $49.99/mo.

22. Audacity

Audacity homepage screenshot

Want to start a podcast? Audacity may be the solution. With its user-friendly multitrack audio recording and editing platform, you’ll be on your way in no time. Audacity allows you to edit out mistakes and background noises or add in music before exporting to your required format.


  • Free

We hope this list helps you find the right content creation tool, but if you need more help creating content, find out how Lucidpress works as a full content marketing platform.

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