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Atlanta Communities

Absent a formal marketing process or team, Atlanta Communities relies on their agents to self-market. However, with Lucidpress, agents are empowered to create content when they need it, how they want it.

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Industry:   Real Estate

Location:   Atlanta, GA

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For those looking to sell or buy within Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area, Atlanta Communities has your back. Atlanta Communities is a full-service real estate brokerage with seven office locations and boasts a staff of 1500 licensed realtors and associate brokers.

Features They Love


Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t need to? Lucidpress’s integration capabilities, specifically with existing marketing tools and collateral, ultimately ensured flexible growth opportunities at the agent level. As Shawn Graves, the Senior Marketing Strategist for Atlanta Communities, noted, the video integration is particularly advantageous for agents since they can quickly embed an agent bio video into a brochure, thus nurturing stronger brand moments with prospective clients.

InDesign import

Creating custom collateral is time-consuming. The InDesign import feature empowers admins to content quickly, rather than upload and convert custom files on a case-by-case basis.

Revision history

As an agent or designer changes a template, revision history allows Atlanta Communities to track changes over time and pivot to create new templates based on modifications, needs and use cases.

Omnichannel experience

Having multiple distribution options — i.e., share content collateral print, the web, email, via that are simply a click away means accessing new target audiences.


challenge icon

Simply put: Shawn Graves, Senior Marketing Strategist for Atlanta Communities, knew his org’s agents needed more — more memorable collateral, more access to an easy-to-use content creation platform, more channels to distribute collateral in, and the list goes on.Graves found himself asking, “How can I reach more of my agents?"


Creating unique, trustworthy content that differentiates agents against the competition is difficult enough. But Atlanta Communities had the added challenge of over 1,000 agents in the Rolodex — all of whom needed highly tailored real estate collateral — as well as a time-consuming, highly labor-intensive design tool and only one marketer onboard to create collateral.


“When you spend all your time creating marketing collateral for one thousand agents, you don’t exactly have the time to design new templates.”


solution icon

With no formal marketing process or team, Atlanta Communities relies on their agents to self-market. By implementing Lucidpress, agents are empowered to create content however they see fit. Graves can also dedicate more time to coaching agents and educating them about the intricacies and marketing best practices — instead of spending time behind a computer screen.


results icon

Unique content experience

A question Graves often asks agents, “how do you want to be different from anyone else? How do you set yourself apart?” Lucidpress gives Atlanta Communities the platform to explore and create content that highlights what makes each agent unique and showcases what they can offer their clientele.

Boundless self-marketing opportunities

The opportunities are endless. Agents can self-marketing using any channel of choice — print, digital, email, video and more.

Empowered agents

Because Lucidpress is easy to use and hosts various templates, agents can create content that best fits their self-marketing needs and strategies — instead of relying on Graves to produce custom content or make last-minute requests for unique collateral.

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