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Why use a brand portal?

Whether you're an organization of 20 or 2,000, there are most likely a number of hands representing your brand — hands that are spread across teams, branches, partners, or any number of employees. Time is wasted and brand inconsistencies abound when digital assets are manually distributed and adapted to personal preference.

Brand portals keep your brand consistent by providing a central location to create, control, and distribute digital assets.

Better yet, the best brand portals provide built-in guardrails that protect your assets from getting distorted in the process. Lucidpress does this through lockable templates — the easiest and most user-friendly way to create branded marketing materials.

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Create with efficiency & ease

Give your corporate marketing team some breathing room. Brand portals empower non-designers within your organization to create and customize beautifully branded content all on their own. Lucidpress users can create anything from flyers and brochures to direct mail campaigns and social media posts on our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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Lock down your brand

Now you can allow anyone to create marketing content freely... but only on your brand's terms. Lock down your logo, colors, font styles, and even placement on Lucidpress's lockable templates. Set approval workflows to guarantee print and digital assets look just how they should before being used externally.

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Why Lucidpress?

Lucidpress's brand portal is more than just a lockable design tool. It's a powerhouse of robust features that streamline your design and distribution processes, keeping you and your team focused on growing your brand instead of managing it.

Nothing to install

Custom template library

Customize your brand portal to your organization's needs. Adjust what templates are available to customize, and set user permissions and passwords where necessary.

Brand asset management

Approval workflows

Require users to receive approval before exporting their designs to ensure brand consistency. Toggle this feature on and off based on need.

Direct mail capabilities

Create beautiful mail pieces and send them to multiple addresses at the same time. Save the hassle of stamping and labeling by hand.

scalable and secure

Auto population

Streamline the creation process by pre-populating templates with imported data. Take advantage of smart fields for frequently-used information, such as name or address.

smart distribution

Smart distribution

Users can share finished collateral by publishing online, sharing on social media, embedding in an email, or printing and shipping in a matter of clicks.

Dedicated support

Our brand portal business solution comes with the support of a Lucidpress expert to be your point of contact and keep your account running smooth.

Access brand assets on the fly

Let the Lucidpress brand asset manager act as your organization's brand guide. Store logos, images, colors, and fonts for all to easily access and use (correctly, of course).

Keep branded templates stored in the template library so team members never have to look elsewhere. You can also upload InDesign documents into the Lucidpress editor for non-designers to easily customize.

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"To have a product where I know the software's going to work, the creative is going to be exactly how I want it, and team members can access it 24/7... this takes a huge burden off my plate and lets me get back to focusing on national campaigns and initiatives."


Marketing Director, Club Pilates

Scale your brand with the Lucidpress brand portal.

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How it works

  • Create
  • Control
  • Customize
  • Distribute
Choose or create a template
Explore our vast library of professionally designed templates, or create your own branded template from scratch. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates. Create anything from business cards to sales proposals to social media posts (the list goes on) on our cloud-based editor.
Lock down your brand assets
Once your template is designed, lock down branded elements to ensure they aren't accidentally changed by other users. They'll only be able to customize the areas of the templates you determine.

Personalize your templates
Let your organization's users collaborate on their designs in real time (without accidentally messing with the brand). They'll be able to pull brand images, colors, fonts, logos, and more from the brand asset manager. Toggle the Lucidpress Review & Approve feature on and off for added control.
Publish online or print
Members of your organization can publish digital copies of their documents, share them directly to social media, order prints and even deliver direct mail. This can all be done straight from the Lucidpress brand portal.
Oodles of Lucidpress templatesProtect your brandCustomize the look with LucidpressShare Lucidpress documents

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