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​Cochran Life

Charles Cochran | ​North Carolina, USA

​When insurance agent Charles Cochran decided it was time to redesign the newsletters and brochures that he shares with his clients, Lucidpress provided the creative boost he needed.

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Company Description

​Cochran Life is an insurance agency that provides life insurance and senior products such as Medicare, health supplements, and long-­term care.

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  • Mixed Media - publish on paper or online
  • Social media - share you work instantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
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When Charles inherited the family business, he also inherited a legacy that had been passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Wanting to contribute fresh ideas to the family business, Charles began looking for a way to improve the content of his marketing campaigns.

Hoping to gain greater creative control over his marketing output, Charles resolved to learn about graphic design on his own. To that end, he read books about graphic design and practiced using tools like Publisher and PagePlus. Unfortunately, Charles found the learning curves for these programs so high that he made very little progress. Despite his frustration, Charles persisted, spending long hours trying to understand the complex tools contained in these programs. But he still had nothing to show for it.

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When Charles discovered Lucidpress, he was excited by how easy and intuitive it was compared to other programs he’d tried. What’s more, he suspected that he could use Lucidpress not only for professional tasks but for personal projects too. Sure enough, Charles was soon volunteering to make documents for the local Rotary Club and creating birthday cards for his family, in addition to making newsletters and brochures for his clients.

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Results and Impact

Increased Productivity. With Lucidpress, Charles has been able to create materials in significantly less time than it takes him on other platforms. What took him fifteen to twenty hours to complete in any other program only takes him between four and five hours in Lucidpress. Of course, he could finish his design work in even less time than that, but as he said, "I enjoy it so much that I lose track of time. I just have fun doing it!"

Though our software is simple to learn, it's filled with powerful features that meet your unique publishing needs. As you discover the ease of designing with Lucidpress, you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

See for yourself why Cochran Life and other small businesses are making the switch to Lucidpress.

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