La Presse

La Presse is the oldest and largest French language newspaper in North America. Realizing that its traditional print subscription business would inevitably decline over time, the staff of La Presse developed a bold vision to transform their business while redefining the news experience for readers.

While newspapers around the world have experienced painful downturns, La Presse is enjoying widespread success with its revolutionary iPad application. This app garnered nearly a quarter of a million installs within a few months of launch, and its popularity continues to climb. Critics and fans alike ask the same question: How did they do it?

Leaders at La Presse recognized the growing dominance of tablets for content consumption. They saw an opportunity to deliver an incredible storytelling experience to readers by publishing a daily edition on the iPad. These digital editions would provide an immersive and interactive experience beyond anything ever seen, or even considered possible, in a newspaper. Readers could enjoy beautiful design—a hallmark of La Presse's print edition—alongside rich content like videos and photo galleries. To achieve this ambitious goal, La Presse needed a determined strategic partner with impressive technical expertise. They chose Lucidpress.

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As Lucidpress's first customer, La Presse helped guide the development of a powerful application that now enables its dozens of news editors to collaborate daily on stunning work. Each morning, loyal La Presse readers wake up to a fresh digital edition that includes timely and striking stories, images, and videos. Users of the app can choose exactly how much content to reveal and discover. La Presse's efforts culminated in the April 2013 launch of its critically acclaimed iPad app La Presse+ , which remains one of the top free apps in the Canadian App Store.

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