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Leading Through Living

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Lynita Mitchell Blackwell

Small business owner Lynita became her own designer when she discovered Lucidpress. Thanks to its adaptable templates and easy-to-learn interface, Lynita can now create magazines and other marketing content in record time.

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Company Description

A training and development organization, Leading Through Living encourages and equips people to be leaders professionally, personally, and within their communities.

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  • Templates - even those without design experience can get stunning results
  • Price - save money by producing documents internally instead of hiring a professional
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Lynita is a small business owner whose company recently added a monthly magazine to its already expansive array of products and services. Thinking she didn’t have the time or expertise to make the magazine herself, Lynita initially hired a professional designer to put together the first issue. Unfortunately, timeline and expense complications soon left her to prepare the magazine on her own. Without a background in design, Lynita wasn’t sure which software program to use. So she turned to one she was already familiar with: Microsoft Word.

Unfortunately, using Word turned out to be anything but the quick fix she needed. Lynita struggled with its awkward interface for long hours that stretched into days and weeks, trying in vain to realize her aesthetic vision for the magazine. Altogether, she estimates that she spent more time navigating the ins and outs of formatting than she spent editing content. Even worse was her disappointment at how amateurish the end result appeared. For the next issue of the magazine, she resolved to find a way to create a professional-looking magazine without paying top dollar.

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In her search for a better option, Lynita stumbled across Lucidpress and decided to give it a try. Right away, she was impressed at how easy it was to get the professional look she needed using Lucidpress’s layout tools. Rather than spending hours fussing over formatting, as she had in Microsoft Word, she simply dragged and dropped her images and content onto one of Lucidpress’s pre-made magazine templates. The polished final product was far superior to the original magazine she’d made with Word.

With this newfound success, Lynita realized that she could do most of the material creation herself and didn’t need to hire an outside designer. In fact, Lynita went on to use Lucidpress to develop all the marketing materials for her subsequent book tour—including posters and flyers customized for each of the ten cities along the way. Lynita found it so easy to create content in Lucidpress that she kept migrating more of her work there. Not only did she make great-looking magazines with Lucidpress, but she also crafted brochures for volunteer work and prepared worksheets and presentations for work-related training. Most recently, Lynita used Lucidpress to create the cover of her second book, The Leading Lady Legacy: 10 Steps to Becoming the Leading Lady of YOUR Life.

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Results and Impact

Reduced Costs. Lynita saves money with every project she completes in Lucidpress. She said, “I’m now able to do many things myself, whereas before I had to hire a graphic designer who’d charge me between $25 and $35 per flyer. I have a lot going on, so if you multiply those projects you get $150 a pop. Compare that to the $10 that Lucidpress costs me for an entire month!” It’s clear that Lynita’s Lucidpress membership has already paid for itself many times over, especially considering the $300 that she saved by managing her own book tour marketing campaign.

Increased Productivity. As CEO of her own small business, Lynita doesn’t have much free time. With that in mind, she relies on Lucidpress to help her accomplish tasks quickly. For example, she spent a single weekend in Lucidpress developing the second issue of her magazine. Contrast that with the two full weeks she spent struggling with Microsoft Word, and it’s easy to see how Lucidpress can save hours of time.

Better Advertising. The magazine’s upgraded appearance resulting from Lynita’s switch to Lucidpress didn’t just leave an impression on the readers. To Lynita’s delight, advertisers were now more eager to buy space in her magazine.

Though our software is simple to learn, it's filled with powerful features that meet your unique publishing needs. As you discover the ease of designing with Lucidpress, you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

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