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​Jennifer Avery | Front Royal, Virginia, USA

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​When their longtime design agency went out of business, Jennifer and her team of realtors were concerned that their industry-leading brochures would fall flat. That was before they found Lucidpress, which helped them create standout marketing materials all on their own.

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Company Description

​​Weichert Realtors is a real estate agency that sells residential real estate in Warren County, VA.

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  • Templates - choose from a variety of pre-created formats
  • Digital Capabilities - easily embed videos in digital newsletters
  • Social media - share your work instantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
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A company called 8 Touches used to create customized marketing content for Jennifer Avery and her real estate team. But when 8 Touches went out of business, Jennifer’s team had to scramble for a replacement.

As real estate agents, Jennifer and her team members were too busy handling the customer-facing parts of the business to spend time making property marketing materials on the side. But Jennifer also knew that in the world of real estate, differentiation is key. She and her colleagues were determined not to use the same templates as every other realtor group.

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Once Jennifer found Lucidpress, she was able to quickly create custom templates that her group could leverage for each listing. On average, the group lists three new properties per week, each of which requires a two-page brochure. Additional flyers are needed for each open house. Despite such high demand for marketing materials, Jennifer and her team have no trouble keeping up. With Lucidpress, all they have to do is drag and drop unique images and descriptions onto the templates Jennifer has prepared.

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Results and Impact

Competitive Advantage. Lucidpress has allowed Jennifer and her team to distinguish themselves from other agents. Jennifer said, "I’ve actually seen other agents try to copy what we do. They’re looking for templates to replicate what they see on our site, but nobody can match exactly what we’re doing because it’s created fresh from Lucidpress. I’ve seen them try, but they can’t do it."

Increased Efficiency. Instead of constantly having to interact with an outside marketing agency, Jennifer and her team now have a tool that permits them to work independently and meet deadlines faster than before. Plus, the flexibility to publish documents digitally or physically means that they can reach the broadest possible audience.

Though our software is simple to learn, it's filled with powerful features that meet your unique publishing needs. As you discover the ease of designing with Lucidpress, you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

See for yourself why Weichert Realtors and other small businesses are making the switch to Lucidpress.

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