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Preserve brand trust through consistent crisis communication

With Lucidpress, your brand can scale communications while maintaining control of the messaging, so your business can protect and grow customer relationships.

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Effective crisis communication is critical for your brand

Will make future purchase decisions based on how brands respond to the crisis.
Want brands to be a reliable news source that keeps them informed.
Want brand messaging that communicates empathy and support.


Quick and controlled crisis communication

Create a library of templates with updated information and messaging that employees and other staff can quickly access and share through our intuitive editor.

Keep messaging consistent

Lock down messaging and any other critical brand components, so no employee or board member goes rogue. Enable approval workflows and assign roles and permissions for added protection.

Brand templating enables you to...

Be a reliable source of information
Reach your audience through digital communication channels. Lucidpress integrates with email and social media platforms.
Build brand trust for the future
Communicate quickly and accurately with a library of communication tools.
Maintain consistent messaging
Lock down messaging and distribute it across your organization.

Communicate from a distance

Lucidpress offers many digital content creation and distribution options. From email and social media integrations to digitally published documents with embedded videos, you can continue to communicate with your customers.

Collaborate remotely

Continue to work together outside of the office with real-time collaboration, comments and in-platform chat. Access documents from anywhere with our web-based platform.

"[We have] gone fully online for the rest of the semester, and most of our employees are now working from home. This has dramatically changed our day-to-day work as well and our current project load is changing rapidly. One thing that can help the entire university through these challenging times would be Lucidpress."

Dave Hunt

Director of Marketing, Rockhurst University

"All is well here and I am so grateful to have switched to Lucidpress. The ability to transition seamlessly through our emergency operation plan has been invaluable!"

Michelle Madura

University of Saint Francis

"Lucidpress’s lock variation gives me the ability to protect my brand while still giving our franchisees the freedom to be creative. It’s been a real win-win."

"Lucidpress allows us to keep the brand consistent while still allowing agents to add their own little touches and do their own branding.”

Free resources during Covid-19

Share accurate information with free templates

Essential businesses, governments & hospitals can use these templates to maintain communication with their customers and keep their employees and customers healthy and safe. Get free templates

Customer communication
Be thoughtful in your Coronavirus communication and stay positive. The best thing you can do right now is use your brand to be a steady, reliable pillar in your community. Get checklist

Crisis communication plan template
A crisis communication plan provides a system for your organization to follow, so you can quickly respond when a crisis occurs. Follow this crisis communication plan template to create a crisis communication plan for your organization. Download plan

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