Digital Asset Management:
Upgrade Your DAM with LucidPress

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is very useful as a corporate marketing tool to share and organize digital files. It allows employees to easily modify, compare and distribute documents, images, and many other files. But is DAM enough for your company? When it comes to brand management, at best, DAM is incomplete.

Digital Asset Management Software is Incomplete

DAMS are missing many critical features that leave them inadequate.

No control

No Version Control

Once an asset is created, there’s no way to monitor its use. If your designers create a new logo, how can you ensure that employees use the right version in their content?

Drag and Drop

No Enforced Brand Guidelines

Even if your design team provides brand guidelines or a brand manual, employees can easily go off-brand when creating new products with outdated assets.

Official tool

No Locked Templates

If your Digital Asset Management software even has templates, you can’t lock content, so either everyone can alter it, or no one can.

Lucidpress: A Better Solution for Effortless Consistency

For a simpler marketing solution, try Lucidpress, a web-based brand management tool designed to help you:

Establish a brand and maintain its consistency across all types of marketing collateral.

Design templates with the latest logos, taglines and color palettes, then lock down those elements so anyone using them will stay on-brand.

Update brand assets for seamless integration and sharing across the company.

Create newsletters, brochures, eBooks, social media ads and more using cloud-based software with real-time collaboration.