Lucidpress has been acquired by Charles Thayne Capital.

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Distributed marketing management software

Create, manage & deliver your marketing content across a wide range of channels with the help of Lucidpress — the dynamic, robust marketing platform designed with your organization's distribution needs in mind.

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Retain complete control

Create, manage & deliver all marketing content in an environment that ensures the right people are in charge. Manage the entire organization's permissions from one place and empower the right people to contribute to the right templates and distribute them at the right time.

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Protect your brand identity for good

Say goodbye to stretched logos and off-hue colors forever by locking down logos, fonts, images, colors, and more in Lucidpress.

Set approval workflows to guarantee print and digital assets look just how they should before going out to the public.

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Why Lucidpress?

We make distributed marketing easy. Manage permissions, assets, templates & distribution from one location while ensuring your business stays on-brand throughout.

Nothing to install

Custom template library

Ensure brand compliance on all distribution channels by locking down branded fonts, colors & images on your templates before employees edit them.

Brand asset management

Approval workflows

Ensure marketing materials are properly designed and brand-compliant before they can be sent to the printer. Toggle this feature on and off based on need.

Marketing asset management

Centralize your organization's marketing assets to improve the efficiency of your team, easy access to branded files, and overall brand compliance

scalable and secure

Auto population

Import data from Google Sheets and other sources to pre-populate templates and streamline the creation process. Use smart fields for frequently-used information.

smart distribution

Smart distribution

With one click, finished marketing collateral can be published online, shared on social media, or printed and shipped in a matter of clicks.

Permission management

Secure the balance between corporate control and local autonomy by defining which employees can edit, comment, or simply view marketing content.

On-demand brand assets

Import existing InDesign documents to Lucidpress so non-designer employees can easily customize them without feeling intimidated.

Upload your brand's fonts, logos, colors and more to the brand asset manager for easy access. Manage who can and cannot update your company assets.

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"The tool we had been using didn't allow for designing, just entering information. It was difficult to use and clunky. Agents would never use it. We love how much easier and more powerful Lucidpress is."

"Lucidpress has allowed our copywriter to hop right into Lucidpress and quickly review a piece of marketing content for our campus clients, instead of having to do a series of emails back and forth."

"Lucidpress’s lock variation gives me the ability to protect my brand while still giving our franchisees the freedom to be creative. It’s been a real win-win."

"Lucidpress allows us to keep the brand consistent while still allowing agents to add their own little touches and do their own branding.”

Empower your organization with a robust Lucidpress brand templating platform

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How it works

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  • Control
  • Customize
  • Distribute
Your templates, your way
Explore our vast library of professionally designed templates, or simply create your own from scratch. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates. Easily create business cards, flyers, sales proposals, social media posts (the list goes on) on our cloud-based editor.
Protect your brand from rogue content
Your brand's logos, images, fonts, and colors can all be stored in the Lucidpress brand asset manager for easy access. Lock down these assets in your templates to ensure the brand stays protected, no matter who touches it. You'll never see off-brand collateral again.
Empower team members to personalize
Define your preferred user permissions, then let team members collaborate on cloud-based templates in real time. They’ll be able to customize marketing collateral themselves without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer. Toggle our Review & Approve feature on and off for added control.
Deliver & share anywhere
Members of your organization can publish digital copies of their documents, share them directly to social media, order prints and even deliver direct mail. This can all be done straight from the Lucidpress viewer too.
Oodles of Lucidpress templates Protect your brand Customize the look with Lucidpress Share Lucidpress documents