Free Digital Magazine Software

Lucidpress is free software that's ideal for digital magazine creation, publishing, and sharing.

Easy digital layouts

If you're used to magazine layout on a desktop computer, get ready for something big. Lucidpress offers an immersive, easy-to-use toolset on the cloud. Instead of tearing your hair out, now you can have fun while you design.

Team collaboration

Managing a team of contributors—writers, editors, photographers, designers—has never been easier. Our application allows an unlimited number of users to edit a single document in real-time. See others' changes instantly.

Online publishing

A browser-based tool gives you more choices. Increase your readership by publishing to a secure webpage or an embedded viewer. We also offer traditional printing options and paper sizes. It's all just a click away.

Digital magazine publication has never been easier

'Zines let you express your individuality and explore your passions. Create a retro, yet cutting-edge magazine with Lucidpress! Our flexible design lets you customize your work, while print and digital publishing options can expand your audience.

Better than Word, easier than InDesign

Word processors aren't optimized for magazine creation, but they're accessible and affordable. Advanced software programs create incredible results, but the learning curve is steep. Lucidpress fills the gap with its sophisticated and intuitive technology. It's 100% free, so try it for yourself!