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Transform your data into a stunning graph or chart with the Lucidpress brand templating platform. With our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor creating beautiful, on-brand graphs and charts is easy for everyone.

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Smart graph and chart templates — smarter you.

Not a professional designer? No problem. Choose from one of our hundreds of templates to get you started creating a professional graph or chart. Customize the template by hand or upload your branding to access a collection of Smart Templates automatically customized to fit your brand.
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Why our chart and graph maker?

You don’t have to be a brilliant designer to craft beautiful content. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of five, our brand templating platform makes it easy to transform your data into charts and graphs that tell a story.

Brand assets

Brand assets

Your business has a unique look and personality and so should your graph. Store and access your brand's logos, fonts and colors to create beautiful, on-brand content.

Web-based platform

Web-based platform

With a web-based platform, no downloads or software installations are required, and you can access your Lucidpress account from any browser or platform.

Data automation

Data automation

With smart fields or our advanced data automation feature, you can auto-populate information in your templates, cutting down on repetitive content updates.

Easy import

Easy import

Use our handy integrations with Google Docs, YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook and InDesign to import existing content.

Design a Graph

How to create a graph or chart

Follow the steps below to quickly create a graph or chart in Lucidpress.

Choose a graph template

Lucidpress offers templates for all types of diagrams from pie and bar charts to flow charts and venn diagrams.

graph templates

Add your data

Adjust the chart area and data labels to match your values.



Customize to your brand

Update colors and fonts to match the chart to your brand.


customize colors

Download and share

Download the final graph or embed it in a presentation, infographic or social media post.


share chart


What types of graphs can I create in Lucidpress?

You can design several types of graphs and charts in Lucidpress including bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, venn diagrams, flow charts and family trees.


What is a chart?

A chart is a visual representation of a set of data. A chart makes data easier to understand and can help the reader identify patterns.

What type of graph should I use?

Each type of chart is used for a specific use case. Bar charts are used to show comparisons across categories. Line charts show changes over time and pie charts show parts of a whole. Process charts show how a series of steps are related to each other.

Get started with our free graph maker today

Don’t settle for off-brand, poorly designed graphs. Create a data visualization that will wow your audience with our free graph and chart maker.

Design a Graph

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