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With the Lucidpress online logo maker, you can design a logo that will embody your business. Your logo is your symbol—start designing today. Browse all logo templates

Consulting logo template
United strategy consulting logo template
Atlantis health logo template
Atlantis health logo template
In depth consulting logo template
In depth consulting logo template
Ultimate gym logo template
Ultimate gym logo template

Create your business's foundation

Lucidpress is more than a logo maker. Use Lucidpress as your brand templating platform to delight your audience with professional design and grow your brand with a consistent brand identity.

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Establish your brand

Your brand is who you are. Don’t let your brand become distorted from the use of wrong colors & fonts or a stretched logo. Instead lock down your logo, so it can’t be changed or distorted as your team creates new content.

Start right away

Save time & money

Skip hiring an expensive graphic designer to create your marketing collateral. Keep all your brand assets stored in one place, and create professional designs with our robust design software.

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Empower your team

Your team can create any other branded content that you need with our intuitive editor and hundreds of templates. Save your logo, brand colors and fonts in your shared brand assets folder for everyone on your team account to access.

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Increase brand recognition

With your newly designed logo, you'll build up brand recognition as your customers become accustomed to seeing your logo. Your customers will recognize your logo everywhere they go and remember their great customer experience when they see it.

How to create your own logo in Lucidpress

Pick a template

Choose one of our logo templates as your design inspiration or search for an icon of your choosing through our IconFinder integration.

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Customize your logo

Update the logo’s color and font to match your brand with a couple clicks and add your brand’s name.

Customize your logo


Download your logo as a high resolution image, and add it to your website. Save your logo in Lucidpress and drag and drop it into business card templates and any other collateral you need to create.

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Why do I need a logo?

Your logo is usually the first impression that people have of your business. If it's attractive and catchy, then customers will remember your logo. If it's bad, your logo will easily be forgotten.

Why should I choose the Lucidpress logo maker?

The Lucidpress logo maker not only helps you to create a professional logo; it also gives you access to an entire suite of design tools. Choose from hundreds of templates to create content with your logo on it. Lucidpress will also save your logo, colors and fonts, so you can quickly create on-brand content.

What makes for a good logo?

Every business is different, so no two logos are alike. A company’s logo should say something about the business. When designing your logo, take a moment to think about what your business provides for its customers. What do you want your company’s overall message to be? What kind of vision do you have for the company’s direction? With these thoughts in mind, you can begin to craft a logo that encapsulates the purpose of your brand. A good logo is unique. If it looks too similar to other logos, especially if they’re in the same industry, then you’ll struggle to differentiate yourself. Using distinct yet simple shapes, symbols and colors will make your logo easy to recognize and remember.

How much does the logo maker cost?

Our online logo maker is completely free. After you create your awesome logo, you'll have a free Lucidpress account that empowers you to share your branded collateral with coworkers. Logo creation has never been so easy or affordable.

When will the logo be ready?

You don’t have to wait long to start using your logo. After using Lucidpress’s free logo creator to make a brand new logo, you can begin using it right away.

Where should I use my new logo?

Everywhere. If you’re making some business cards, place the logo on them. If you have company stationery, that should include the logo, too. Clothing, advertisements, and the company website should all have the new logo prominently displayed. You want customers to associate the logo with what you do, so make sure the logo is closely tied to your products and services.

Ready to design your logo?

With the Lucidpress logo maker, free logo designs are only a few minutes away. Create a free account to get started.

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