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Lucidpress is the ideal design tool for creating free photobooks, whether you want a glossy printed spread or an embeddable photobook with image galleries and video. It’s simple to gather your photos, add text, and display them for your audience.

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Photobook templates

Give that extra polish to your photobooks with custom font upload, increased storage, and twice as many photobook templates. Sign up for a premium account today to get the most out of your design experience with Lucidpress!
Multi-page photo collage
Multi-page photo collage
Horizontal photo collage
Horizontal photo collage
Black-and-white collage
Black-and-white photo collage
Photobook collage
Photobook collage
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Feature Highlights

Lucidpress makes design easier than ever before. It’s full-featured, yet simple enough for a beginner to use.

Saves your work

Saves your work

We store every version of your project and automatically save your changes. Your documents are backed up hourly to multiple data centers—no more concerns about misplaced files or hard drive failures.

Simple to use

Simple to use

Design is second-nature with Lucidpress. You can create a beautiful photobook using the same motions you would when navigating a website. Our drag-and-drop editor is that simple.

Import options

Import options

You probably have a lot of your photos stored on Facebook or in Dropbox. You can use Lucidpress’s integrations to conveniently access those photos and easily add them to your photobook.



Collaboration is a trademark of Lucidpress. Work on your photobook together with family and friends in real time, and even comment and chat right in the editor. Getting input will help you deliver the best results.

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