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Designing a flyer is much easier when you start from a high-quality template. Whether you’re advertising an event, a sale, or a new business, flyers are a tried-and-true method to get results.

A Free Flyer Maker For Everyone

Lucidpress combines the professionalism of traditional desktop publishing with the ease of use of a sleek, browser-based program. Design a print run of thousands or share your flyer digitally—these flyer templates are as flexible as they are eye-catching. Lucidpress has 10 free flyer templates available; get even more when you sign up for a free premium account trial!

Flyer Example
Night-life Flyer Template
Sample Flyer
Nature Flyer Template
Universal Flyer Template
Universal Flyer Template
Free Flyer Template
Fitness Flyer Template

Easy to Share

Once you've perfected your flyer layout, it’s only one click to share with collaborators or print.

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Easy to create

Flyers are an effective way to advertise your product, service, or event. These paid and free flyer templates and samples will unleash your creativity and help you get the word out.

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Print Flyer Templates

This premium flyer template is perfect for any business that wants to inspire its audience. With two columns and a clever text layout that recalls the Swiss flag, you’re sure to get a second look. Don’t forget to update the template with your website and contact information! Try it out with a free premium trial.

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Free Template Examples

The free flyer templates available in Lucidpress are a great fit for a variety of designers, from freelancers and artists building a portfolio to professionals working for large businesses. Here are some of the highlights:

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One-click editing in the canvas for text, layout, and images. Easy-to-read headlines which follow best design practices and will instantly inform your customers.

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Consistent themes with thoughtfully selected fonts and images. Real-time collaboration, so you can work on your flyer with colleagues at the same time.

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Digital flyer layouts optimized for viewing on tablets. Publishing options that include custom URLs and printing your flyer right from Lucidpress.

Premium Account Features

Our premium accounts offer many advantages over the free level. Round out your advertising strategy by subscribing. You’ll get access to over 150 templates—not only flyer templates, but posters, trifold brochures, and print and digital magazines. Triple your flyer template choices with styles that range from urban contemporary to indie outdoorsy. Try it for yourself—when you sign up for a free trial, you unlock all our premium features!


More Template Choices

The more template the options you have, the greater the likelihood you'll find the perfect fit. With a premium account, you’ll gain access to triple the flyer templates.

Once you sign up for a premium trial, just go to your Lucidpress documents to view the premium templates. Forward-thinking design and a wide array of color schemes will help your flyers stand out!


Upload Custom Fonts

Upload custom fonts as a premium account holder. Flyers communicate your message as much with text as with images, so don't forget to select a great typeface.

Some websites that offer high-quality free fonts are Font Squirrel, 1001 Free Fonts, and Urban Fonts. Lucidpress supports .TTF, .TTC. or .OTC file formats—upload your own for a fun, custom look.


Increased Storage Space

One of the most important benefits of subscribing is increasing your storage space. Pro account holders get 2GB, with options to purchase additional space. When you’re using images, storage can fill up quickly.

Pro accounts have 20 times the storage space of the free level, and team accounts can get even more space. Relax with the knowledge that you don't have to delete old files.

Stop repurposing word processing software to make flyers! Lucidpress' customizable templates will help you create beautiful flyers to grab your audience’s attention.