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Lucidpress for Google Classroom

Create, share, and grade projects in Lucidpress with Google Classroom integration — exclusively available for Lucidpress EDU Premium accounts.

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Create and share assignments

Create custom assignments (posters, reports, visual aides, etc.) and seamlessly share them with students in just a few clicks.

create and share assignments

Students complete and submit

Students can access assignments in their Google Classroom class stream, complete them in Lucidpress, then submit them for grading.

Students complete and submit

Review and grade assignments

Access links to student-submitted assignments in your class stream, view the assignment as a new document in your Lucidpress folder, and record grades in Google Classroom.

review and grade

Teach & learn visually

Lucidpress empowers students to bring their big ideas to life. The drag-and-drop editor is enjoyably easy for any student or teacher to create posters, reports, syllabi, or any other visual aide in minutes. To set up the integration, simply access the team admin page and select the Google Classroom integration.

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teach & learn visually

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