Consistent and current messaging across a virtual campus

Empower every department across campus to easily create and distribute content (without going off message) using lockable design templates.

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What's in it for you?

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Communicate regularly as conditions change

Lucidpress makes it quick and easy to update crisis messaging on an ongoing basis with an intuitive editor and shared library of templates.
lock down messaging

Curb student attrition by avoiding communication pitfalls

Keep your team on message with a library of pre-approved content. Lock down messaging for added control.

Transition to digital channels

Market to current and future students and drive engagement with digital templates and email and social media integrations.

Leverage existing content

Import existing InDesign documents into Lucidpress so faculty and staff can easily customize templates as needed. Organize templates based on different teams or departments, so each group has its own set of templates that fit the bill.

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Build a stronger brand

Enforce brand standards without obstructing creativity or customization needs with lockable templates. Restrict users from sharing content willy-nilly and enforce brand standards easily with our admin-regulated approval process.

lockable templates

Boost platform adoption rates

Reduce time spent learning how to use the platform by auto-populating important pieces of information, like names, addresses, and more via data automation integrations. With SSO capabilities adding new users is a cinch and faculty don't have to remember yet another password.

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Effortless shareability

Once you’ve completed a project, simply choose from any of our multi-channel distribution options — print & ship, social, email, or export — and hit send.

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Lucidpress at a glance


“Lucidpress has allowed our copywriter to hop right into Lucidpress and quickly review a piece of marketing content for our campus clients, instead of having to do a series of emails back and forth.”

Anna Boyle

Creative Director
Western Colorado University

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How it works

Choose a template, any template

Create easy-to-find libraries of pre-approved, on-brand templates and branded assets. You can even import your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates.

template editor

Lock down your brand

Your university's logos, images, fonts, and colors can all be stored in the Lucidpress editor for easy access. Lock down these assets in your templates to ensure the brand stays protected across departments.

lockable template

Empower faculty and staff

Define your preferred user permissions, then let faculty & admin collaborate on cloud-based templates in real time. They'll be able to customize and distribute content themselves without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer.

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