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A brand templating platform you and your brokers will love

Equip your mortgage brokers and loan officers to pump out customized collateral without going off brand.

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What is Lucidpress?

Lucidpress is a brand templating platform for mortgage companies that keeps an eye on your branding so you don't have to.

Our drag-and-drop design tool makes it easy for brokers to customize their own marketing materials. Template locking and asset management features guarantee you can rest easy about staying on brand.

Lucidpress offers a modern UI and and full admin control over which elements brokers can and cannot edit. Lock down everything from logos to font styles and sizing.

What's in it for you?

Happy brokers
Give your mortgage brokers and agents the marketing independence they crave, regardless of age or experience. Independence keeps brokers happy and makes them more likely to stick around.
Brand protection
Satisfy the needs of your brokers and your branding by providing access to brand assets right within the editor. Lock down elements of your designs to ensure nothing is ever off brand.
Streamlined marketing
Remove bottlenecks and save time as brokers become self sufficient. Empower them to pump out their own material in minutes instead of waiting on your design team.

Cutting-edge features for mortgage companies

  • Drag-and-drop design editor
  • Publish online or print
  • Smart fields
  • Custom template library
  • Direct mail
  • Rich media embed capability
  • Property auto-population
  • On-demand print services
  • InDesign file import
  • Brand asset manager
  • Brand-locking capability
  • Dedicated customer support

Connect spreadsheet tables

It’s easy to import data to Lucidpress with connected spreadsheets. Quickly update financial calculations and rate comparisons to make a personalized mortgage calculator.

Plus, you can update tables with cell formulas and references and lock down cells with data that you don’t want changed. You have full control over cell formulas, cell references, formula toolbars, cell-level locking and mortgage table templates.

How it works

  • Create
  • Control
  • Customize
  • Distribute
Create & brand your design templates
Explore our vast library of professionally-designed mortgage and real estate templates, or have your design team simply create a few from scatch inside Lucidpress. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates
Lock down your brand
Your business's logos, images, fonts, and colors can all be stored in the Lucidpress editor for easy access. Lock down these assets in your templates to ensure your brand stays protected before it reaches the hands of your brokers.
Share with brokers to customize
Empower brokers to customize and finalize collateral in a matter of minutes. Brokers can personalize any element of your marketing templates that aren't locked down, without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer.
Publish or print
Brokers can publish digital copies of their marketing collateral, share them on social media, order prints, or even use our direct mail services
Oodles of Lucidpress templates Protect your brand Customize the look with Lucidpress Share Lucidpress documents

What our customers are saying

Philip, Graphic Designer Chestnut Park
The tool we used to use didn't allow for designing, just entering information. It was difficult to use and clunky. Brokers would never use it. We love how much easier and more powerful Lucidpress is.
Mary, Marketing Director Reinhart Realtors
Before Lucidpress, our brokers had a hard time with complicated design programs, which sometimes resulted in content that was off brand. Now they don't have to think about proper design or how to use brand assets correctly — it's all just done automatically.

Equip your brokers (and your brand) with the future of mortgage marketing.

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