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The future of nonprofit marketing

You want your organization to grow. But growth requires a level of consistency and oversight that is challenging to meet without the proper tools. How do you keep every flyer, social media post, business card, and brochure consistent?

You expect your department heads and coordinators to stick to the brand guidelines you’ve provided. But in reality, they aren’t marketing professionals. And they often have design requests they need fulfilled, well… yesterday. So how do you keep everyone on brand without spending ridiculous amounts of time on tedious requests?

That’s where Lucidpress comes in. Lucidpress empowers you to keep your marketing consistent across the board, all without slowing down your branches or taking away their custom preferences. That way, you can (finally) focus on growing your brand instead of maintaining it.

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Lock down your brand

From print advertising to social media posts, our lockable templates will ensure your nonprofit stays on brand no matter who is creating materials. Simply lock down all the branded elements of your designs (logos, images, text styles, etc.).

Say goodbye to stretched logos and off-hue colors forever. Our template solution empowers your branches to create professional yet localized designs without ever disrupting your brand.

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Save precious design time

While other template solutions exist, they can be inflexible and slow. The Lucidpress drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for any program director or department head to own their marketing and pump out print and digital collateral on their own time.

Meanwhile, your central design team will be able to focus their efforts on bigger branding initiatives rather than menial tasks such as updating images and tweaking text.

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What's in it for you?

More time
Non-designers can customize and distribute pre-approved templates on their own, freeing up precious design resources while still ensuring brand consistency.
More consistency
Never see another stretched logo or off-brand color again. Your branches will only be able to customize the design elements you determine.
More business
Consistent brands are 3-4x more likely to receive visibility. Save your brand (and your business) from an identity crisis by staying consistent.

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"Our Program Directors are not marketing experts. But Lucidpress has empowered them to create flyers or brochures whenever they need so we can stay focused on big picture marketing initiatives."

Laura Arredondo

VP of Marketing, YMCA Williamson County

"Before Lucidpress, we always had to start from scratch with our designs. Now our Lucidpress templates help us stay consistent across the board."


Studio Owner, The Bar Method

"Lucidpress provides autonomy to each of our branches without the risk of allowing them to go off brand. It's cost effective and flexible, making it easy for us to better serve our communities."

David Frederick

Chief Marketing Officer, YMCA Metro Dallas

""We needed a new marketing system. Each location operated completely independently, with no commonality or branding. We needed unity, and Lucidpress gave us that."


Community Marketing Specialist, MHA

See how Lucidpress's marketing software can keep your brand consistent

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How it works

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  • Control
  • Customize
  • Distribute
Your templates, your way
Explore our vast library of professionally designed templates, or simply create your own from scratch. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates. Easily create business cards, flyers, brochures, social media posts (the list goes on) on our cloud-based editor.
Lock down your brand
Your brand's important assets can all be stored in the Lucidpress editor for easy access. Lock down logos, colors, fonts and more in your templates to ensure the brand stays protected after it reaches the hands of your program directors or department heads. You'll never see off-brand collateral again.
Localize the look
Define your preferred user permissions, then let end users collaborate on cloud-based templates in real time. They’ll be able to customize marketing collateral themselves without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer. Toggle our Review & Approve feature on and off for added control.
Deliver & share anywhere
Your branches can publish digital copies of their documents, share them directly to social media, order prints and even deliver direct mail to clients. This can all be done straight from the Lucidpress editor too.
Oodles of Lucidpress templatesProtect your brandCustomize the look with LucidpressShare Lucidpress documents

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