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Easy design meets robust brand management

Managing a brokerage has its share of stressors. On top of making sure your brand stays consistent in the hands of dozens of agents, you also have dozens of personal preferences to try and keep satisfied. And sometimes there simply isn't enough time or resources to master both.

The result? Off-brand, amateur collateral becomes widespread — damaging your brokerage's image and leaving agents screaming for a solution that keeps you off their back.

That's where Lucidpress comes in. Lucidpress empowers your entire organization to stay on brand without slowing them down or taking away their creative preferences. That way, you can (finally) keep both your agents and your brand happy at the same time.

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Meet the future of real estate marketing

Gone are the days when slapping on a logo was enough. To keep your agents satisfied, real estate software should enable them to create content that's also interesting and personalized.

the past
The past
  • Off brand
  • Inconsistent
  • Amateur
the present
The present
  • On brand
  • Professional
  • Inflexible & stiff
the future
The future
  • Co-branded
  • Professional
  • Personalized

Automate property listings data

Populate content with names, addresses, or other relevant data by connecting with your existing data sources, empowering you to create more content, more quickly.

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Approachable and easy for agents

While other template solutions exist, they can be inflexible and slow. Uploading new templates can take weeks at a time, at which point agents are still unhappy with the platform's stiff and limited capacity. Lucidpress' simple drag-and-drop interface allows agents to make (on brand) adjustments to templates in minutes.

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Lock down your brand for good

Your agents are real estate professionals, not necessarily accomplished designers. Say goodbye to stretched logos and off-hue colors forever by locking down logos, fonts, images, colors, and more.

Our template solution allows agents to create co-branded, professional designs that represent their personal style without going off brand.

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What's in it for you?

More time
Realtors can customize and distribute pre-approved templates on their own, freeing up precious design resources for the central team while still ensuring brand consistency.
More consistency
Agents will only be able to customize the design elements you determine. The rest will stay locked down and beautifully on brand.
More business
Consistent brands are 3-4x more likely to receive visibility. You'll save your brand (and your business) from an identity crisis by staying consistent in the eyes of prospects and clients.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

Have existing InDesign templates? They can easily be imported into the Lucidpress editor and then quickly distributed, customized and protected — all in one place.

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Direct mail and every other distribution option

No more third party mail services. Advertising your brokerage by mail has never been easier. Send postcards, flyers, and invites to multiple addresses at the same time directly within the Lucidpress editor. Plus, use radial search to target prospects by location, age, income, and much more.

With a wide range of distribution options from social media to email integrations, your agents can reach their customers wherever they are.

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"The tool we had been using didn't allow for designing, just entering information. It was difficult to use and clunky. Agents would never use it. We love how much easier and more powerful Lucidpress is."

"Lucidpress has allowed our copywriter to hop right into Lucidpress and quickly review a piece of marketing content for our campus clients, instead of having to do a series of emails back and forth."

"Lucidpress’s lock variation gives me the ability to protect my brand while still giving our franchisees the freedom to be creative. It’s been a real win-win."

"Lucidpress allows us to keep the brand consistent while still allowing agents to add their own little touches and do their own branding.”

Satisfy your agents (and your brand) with Lucidpress.

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How it works

  • Create
  • Lock
  • Empower
Your templates, your way
Create easy-to-find libraries of pre-approved, on-brand templates and branded assets. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates.
Protect your brand from rogue content
Lock down branded elements of your templates to ensure the brand stays protected after it reaches the hands of agents. Your brand's logos, images, fonts, and colors can all be stored in the Lucidpress editor for easy access. 

Empower agents
Define your preferred user permissions, then let agents collaborate on cloud-based templates in real time. They’ll be able to customize and distribute marketing collateral themselves without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer.
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