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On-demand Webinar

Higher education marketing in tough times: How to navigate the new normal

It’s more important now than ever to not only maintain brand visibility, but to also communicate effectively across departments. On top of that, you may be working with limited resources and remote teams.

A lot of us are still expected to perform and meet work expectations during this unprecedented time. If this rings true for you too, we’re hosting a panel discussion with higher ed marketing leaders to discuss the greatest challenges that marketing and communication teams have faced the past few weeks, and tips that can help normalize the workflow.

  • How has our marketing and communications teams’ working process changed recently?
  • What will most effectively help our teams to navigate changes of remote work?
  • How can we accelerate collaboration to ensure our college’s brand stays consistent?

This is a hard time, but it doesn’t need to be harder.

Learn from other higher ed marketing leaders what it takes to eliminate annoying roadblocks and streamline the overall design process so your marketing team can stay happy, no matter where they are.

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