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Small business owners, political candidates, and arts organizations can all benefit from customizable leaflets. If you’re looking to improve your advertising, try our software for free leaflet design.

Free leaflet templates

If you need to design a brochure or leaflet for your business, nonprofit, or school, don’t reinvent the wheel. When you choose a Lucidpress template, there’s no software to download, no need to worry about updates, and no lost documents. Rest easy knowing your documents are stored securely in the cloud.

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Leaflet Template
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Leaflet Template
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Leaflet Template
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Leaflet Template

Leaflets and more

Lucidpress isn’t just good for making leaflets. Whether you want to make a brochure to push your latest product or put together a digital newsletter for your book club, Lucidpress allows you to quickly generate stand-out content.

More Features

Easy editing

Leaflet templates in Lucidpress are ready to use as soon as you open one. Drag and drop your own images onto the canvas. Double-click to edit text. You can even embed videos in digital templates. That’s all there is to it.

More Features

Detailed customization

Once you’ve established the basic layout for your leaflet, it’s just as easy to customize the details to your liking. Try out various color schemes, then choose typefaces from an extensive library or upload your own custom fonts.

More Features

Feature Highlights

With Lucidpress, you can produce high-quality leaflets in record time, then share your results on paper and on the web.

Nothing to install

Beautiful results

The best leaflets reinforce their message with compelling design. The professional appearance of Lucidpress leaflets will help get the word out to your audience, whether that’s like-minded supporters for a good charitable cause, students interested in your club, or potential buyers.

Drag and Drop

Intuitive controls

Instead of spending hours learning complicated processes, you can start using Lucidpress right away. We’ve designed Lucidpress to minimize the learning curve while preserving powerful features. Our drag-and-drop interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Easy import

Import media

To help you feed your leaflet addiction, Lucidpress offers direct import of media files from Google Docs, Facebook, Youtube, and Dropbox. As soon as your leaflet is ready, either download it in your preferred format or share it with friends and colleagues through email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Share via print or digital

Work together

With Lucidpress, you can share your leaflets with others at any point during the creation process in order to solicit feedback or spread out the workload. Edit the document in real time with an unlimited number of collaborators, start a Google Hangout in the editor, or leave a comment for others to see.