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With our free flyer generator, you can work from a blank canvas, or pick one of our printable flyer templates for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re hosting a brunch or throwing a party, you’ll find the right template for you.

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Create flyers online

Lucidpress is the new standard for free flyer and advertisement making software. Instead of searching endlessly for a downloadable product, try Lucidpress. It's easy to lay out any flyer design.

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Flexible layout

We provide pre-made flyer templates to get you started. If you'd rather make a flyer from scratch, Lucidpress offers a wide range of page sizes, editing tools, and font options.

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Built for teams

You don't have to do it alone! Listening to your team's input is key to a crowd-pleasing flyer. With Lucidpress, you can get instant feedback on any flyer or custom document.

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Lucidpress has powerful features built to accommodate any user.

Complete compatibility


Unlike desktop publishing platforms, Lucidpress is available right in the browser. You can access your flyers or other documents from any device. Switch between Mac and PC as you create compelling design collateral.

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Intuitive interface

Lucidpress has everything you need, without the extra clutter. The drag-and-drop interface in our flyer creator makes it simple to put together photos and text in an appealing way. Each feature is clearly laid out in the editor, and support is just an email away.



Take the pain out of group projects. Our flyer maker supports real-time collaboration, which means that several people can edit a document at the same time. Now it's easy to get your team on the same page.

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Convenient sharing

Even if your budget can accommodate Adobe InDesign or other pricey programs, only Lucidpress offers seamless online collaboration. Invite colleagues, clients, and even family members to your documents.

How to Make a Flyer Tutorial

How to create a flyer

Step 1: Choose a good image

To make a flyer, you will often have a main image which sells the message—your company's logo, your latest album cover, or your lost cat. Images can come from photos or they can come from graphic design. Since a flyer has limited space, you need to pack a visual punch. Choose a single image and align the image so it takes center-stage.

Flyer pixelation
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Step 2: Printing your flyer

When printing your flyer, it is best to use a professional service. Their paper will have a variety of weights and textures that range from glossy to matte. Universities and copy shops have flyer printing services which are priced for large-scale projects.

If you are printing at home, preview your flyer in black and white, as this can be more cost-effective.

Step 3: Craft your message

Since a flyer is a single sheet of paper meant to be used one time, you are limited in your word count. A flyer has more text than a poster, but less text than a brochure. For business flyers, the word count might approach 1000 words, organized into subsections and bullet points. A few hundred words is the maximum for personal flyers. The tone of a good flyer should be persuasive, professional, and friendly. Make sure to copy-edit your flyer for grammar or spelling errors. For a clear message, see if you can answer these questions as you write your text:

WHAT — This is the most important question to answer. If your audience doesn't know what the point of your flyer is, it will end up in the trash. If you had to sum up your message in five words or less, what would you say? Include this on your flyer. Some examples: "Live Show, Friday 1/17", "Race for the Cure: Portland", "Joe's Coffee Shop Menu".

WHERE — Whether you’re advertising a good, service, or event, you need to let your audience know where to get it or where it will take place. A fully formatted street address works well for company flyers, and a snippet of a map will help locals find your event.

WHEN — If you’re promoting a sale, your audience needs to know when it expires. If your startup is hosting a luncheon at a local restaurant, you don’t want your clients showing up on the wrong day.

Every element of a flyer should communicate a singular message. All the photos, images, colors and background elements should work as a cohesive whole. Remember, even the fonts you use can send a message. Business flyers should look professional. Party flyers should look fun. Create something with a message that will catch the eye of the intended audience. You’ll be able to achieve that goal when you use our flyer maker.

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Step 4: Incorporate color

If you have the option to print in color, take it. Colors communicate emotion, and flyers with color are more attractive. Tools such as Adobe’s Kuler color palette manager allow you to save a color scheme from an image, or to make your own.

Step 5. Pick the right size

Standard letter size is 8 ½" × 11", and this is a good starting point for print-at-home flyers.If you cut your paper in half, you'll have a 5 ½" × 8 ½" flyer. Be sure to print a test flyer before making hundreds of copies.

Now you’re ready to share your flyer. Print it out or share it on social media—or why not both? You could create some social buzz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms. Whether you’re designing business flyers, event flyers or something else, you’ll be able to show everyone the result of the photos, images, fonts, graphics, colors and backgrounds that you have chosen.

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Ready to make your flyer?

A well-designed flyer will catch attention, engage the reader, and produce results. With Lucidpress as your flyer design software, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to reach your audience by using beautiful design. Get started with our custom flyer templates now.