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An ebook can be a powerful content marketing resource, so you need an ebook creator that's comprehensive and smart. Lucidpress streamlines the ebook design process and opens up a world of sharing options with just a click.

Free Ebook Templates

Our templates are created by professional designers. If you’re in a hurry, pick your template and get to work without any distractions.

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Easy to share

Once you've perfected your ebook, it’s only one click to share with collaborators or publish online. We want to help you not only make something beautiful and effective, but help you get it to your audience so you can see growth.

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Easy to create

Our goal is to give you a powerful ebook creator without compromising clarity and ease of use. Even if you don’t use a template, you’ll find that the drag and drop controls make stellar design simple. You bring the vision and we’ll help you realize it.

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Powerful digital publishing

Lucidpress's ebook creator really shines in the digital publishing space. It’s easy to share your ebook, and you can use interactive features to make it stand out from the huge number of other ebooks circulating the web. In one step, you can embed Youtube videos, apply scrolling text, and add links.

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Premium Account Features

Our Premium account holders have access to hundreds of templates in a variety of categories including ebooks, newsletters, brochures, and flyers. All the options make it easier to find the perfect match for your audience.


More Template Choices

When you subscribe, you immediately gain access to three times the number of templates you have with a basic account. For both design professionals and small businesses, increasing your options means that it's easier to find the right fit for your brand.


Upload Custom Fonts

Whether you have a typeface used across all channels in your company, a font you’ve purchased for your small business, or a free font you’re using as a hobbyist ebook designer, the freedom to customize your text is crucial.


Additional Storage Space

Premium accounts have 20 times the storage space of free accounts. Create with the confidence that you can save drafts at various stages in the design process. In an industry where putting out content consistently is key, don’t let storage hold you back.

Creating the perfect ebook

When you create an ebook, you have a lot to keep in mind if you want it to draw in the reader and promote your ideas. Check out some of these tips that will help you get started.

Step 1: Include interactive elements

If your ebook is simply a book that happens to be on the internet, you might get a few looks, but it will otherwise be forgettable. Take full advantage of the medium. There’s so much you can do with an ebook now. Don’t limit yourself to the text on the page.

Lucidpress provides a number of features that allow you to include interactive elements with your ebook. Embed a video with your ebook to provide a visual look at what you’re writing about. Include links within the text so people can follow them to learn more about the subject. This helps show readers that you have done your homework and want the audience to know more about it. Include scrolling text areas within your ebook to provide even more information.

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Step 2: Write compelling content

While interactive elements and graphics can enhance an ebook, the content itself must be compelling. Otherwise, all the other parts are just a glossy finish. Ebook examples that use compelling content will be able to grab the reader’s attention much easier. Turn your content into a narrative that makes it easy to follow. Fill your text with interesting facts that will get the reader to think. The more fascinating the content, the more likely the reader will want to share it with others—and that means even more people will be reading your material.

Step 3: Create a great design

You should also make your finished product as aesthetically pleasing as you can. Ebook design templates from Lucidpress get you off to a great start in that area. With different free ebook sample templates to choose from, you can pick one that best fits what your ebook is about. From there, include images, icons, graphics and more that enhance the material. People like to learn new things, and many people find it easier to learn when text is accompanied by visuals.

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Step 4: Make it accessible

You want as many people to read your ebook as possible. That’s why you need to provide your ebook in multiple formats, making it accessible to others on almost any device. The ebook creator software from Lucidpress lets you export your ebook as an image file or in PDF format. You can also create a published link or embed the ebook within the Lucidpress document viewer. These options give you a variety of ways to grow and reach your audience.

What Lucidpress offers

With Lucidpress, it’s easier than ever before to create an ebook and share it with the world. You can write the text of your ebook in Google Drive and import it easily into the ebook creator software. You can create a layout in InDesign and import that as well. Make your ebook while in the cloud, or use Lucidpress’s offline version if you’re away from the internet. Once you’re connected again, it will automatically sync. Even if you have very little experience when it comes to design, Lucidpress gives you the tools to create an ebook that will impress and inform.