Youtube Banner Maker

If you want to make a YouTube banner for your channel, try out Lucidpress. It’s an online editing tool that lets you easily combine images and text.

Professional-looking templates

Lucidpress provides free templates that are the exact dimensions you need to make your YouTube banner, icon, or other customized social media image.

youtube channel template
Adventure YouTube
channel template
youtube banner beach
Beach YouTube
banner template
youtube banner nature
Nature YouTube
banner template

Easy to use

Lucidpress’s interface is fundamentally intuitive. If you’ve found Adobe products intimidating in the past, this is the design software for you. The canvas is clean and uncluttered, the menus clearly marked and easy to navigate.

More Features

Work online

Working online with Lucidpress has many advantages. You can access your documents from anywhere. You can also collaborate with others on your work.

More Features

Better your business

You can better your business by keeping your brand consistent across all channels. That means custom images for all your social media accounts—images that fit your brand.

More Features


From the moment you sign in to Lucidpress, the difference is clear. Our youtube banner maker gives you more creative freedom than any other design tool—without the steep learning curve.

Modern design

Completely Customizable

Try choosing colors, uploading custom fonts, and taking advantage of drag-and-drop editing.

Drag and Drop

Intuitive design tool

Drag-and-drop technology lets you choose elements and move them onto the canvas where they can be resized with just another click.

Share via print or digital

Easy sharing

Need to have someone else review your new Youtube banner? Invite them to your Lucidpress document and let them make edits or comments directly.

How to Make a YouTube Banner Tutorial

Using our YouTube banner maker

The Lucidpress YouTube banner creator makes crafting an impressive banner for your YouTube channel easier than ever. Whether you have a company channel or a personal one, we give you the tools to create something unique and creative.

Pick a template

It all starts with you picking a template that fits (or nearly fits) what you’re going for. If you already have a design in mind, selecting a template becomes that much easier. If you need inspiration first, simply browse our template collection and see what you think works best.


Select an image

Your YouTube banner needs to make a strong first impression on anyone who visits your channel, so select some eye-catching images. You can use your own images, or you can use handy search integrations in Lucidpress to find them. Once you’ve collected all the images you want to use, add shapes and icons that match your channel’s personality.

Add copy

Don’t forget to include additional text, and choose a font that goes well with your channel. Your YouTube banner needs to communicate a lot of information in only a few seconds, so make sure it’s easily viewable. That includes keeping the most important parts of the banner toward the center, since many people will be looking at it from their laptops or mobile devices.

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