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Organize, share, and protect your brand’s digital assets and marketing content from one central location with Lucidpress — design and brand management software made easy.

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What is brand asset management software?

Brand management is the creation and regulation of how your brand is perceived in the minds of customers. While it’s easy to understand the importance of brand management, not all businesses are equipped with the tools to properly maintain a consistent brand. Achieving brand consistency requires more than a dedicated brand manager. It requires effective digital asset management paired with brand protection. That’s where brand management software comes in.

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Easy brand management

Brand managers know how critical it is to maintain brand consistency to grow a brand. Yet, brand assets frequently live in multiple locations leading to content with outdated logos or incorrect usage. With Lucidpress, you are able to store all of your brand assets in one place while providing a gallery of templates everyone can update and access without going off brand.

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The 3 pillars of effective brand management software

Online brand management

Save brand assets (such as images, fonts, and colors) as well as marketing materials to one easy-access location. Determine user permissions to make sure the right people represent your brand.

Protect & enforce brand guidelines
Align your marketing assets with your brand guidelines once and for all. Lock down your brand assets to protect them from accidental changes, while still allowing them to be used freely.

Create & distribute branded content
Empower designers and non-designers alike to quickly create or customize marketing materials that can be shared with the world in a matter of clicks — all without risking your brand’s reputation.

Brand management vs. digital asset management (DAM) solutions

While DAM solutions are great for organizing and managing approved assets, they don’t provide the full brand management protection your brand needs when it’s in use — logos get stretched, colors get changed, you know the story. Brand management software, the right kind, helps marketers and non-marketers alike to not only access brand assets but protect them too.

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Scalable brand management software

Whether you’re a team of 20 or a global corporation with thousands of employees, Lucidpress grows with you. The platform enables you to efficiently manage brand assets, user accounts, and template access no matter how big you get.

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Why Lucidpress brand management software?

With Lucidpress brand management software, the creation, protection and distribution of your marketing collateral can all be managed from the same platform. Whether its social media posts or printed brochures, our cloud-based platform helps your business manage the brand experience from start to finish.

DAM integration

DAM Integration

Either use Lucidpress’s brand asset manager as a lite DAM or integrate Lucidpress with your current DAM to keep all of your brand assets in one place.

Brand asset management

Brand asset management

Store and manage brand images, fonts, and colors on the Brand Asset Manager, empowering co-workers to generate content quickly while remaining on-brand.

Brand asset management

Lockable marketing templates

With lockable design templates at their disposal, brand managers can ensure brand compliance by determining what elements of their designs can and can’t be changed.

scalable and secure


Chat and leave comments in real time for easy collaboration. Keep brand assets and marketing resources in the cloud for easy accessibility.

smart distribution

Smart distribution

With one click, finished marketing collateral can be published online, shared on social media, or printed and shipped in a matter of clicks.

smart distribution

Defined user permissions

Define which users receive access to specific templates and brand assets, streamlining the people aspect of brand management.

"The tool we had been using didn't allow for designing, just entering information. It was difficult to use and clunky. Agents would never use it. We love how much easier and more powerful Lucidpress is."

"Lucidpress has allowed our copywriter to hop right into Lucidpress and quickly review a piece of marketing content for our campus clients, instead of having to do a series of emails back and forth."

"Lucidpress’s lock variation gives me the ability to protect my brand while still giving our franchisees the freedom to be creative. It’s been a real win-win."

"Lucidpress allows us to keep the brand consistent while still allowing agents to add their own little touches and do their own branding.”

How it works

  • Create
  • Control
  • Empower
Your templates, your way
Explore our vast library of professionally designed templates, or simply create your own from scratch. You can even upload your existing Adobe InDesign files and convert them into Lucidpress templates. Easily create business cards, flyers, sales proposals, social media posts (the list goes on) on our cloud-based editor.
Protect your brand from rogue content
Create, manage, and route all your business’s assets in an environment that ensures the right people are in charge. Manage the entire organization’s permissions from one location and empower the right people to contribute to the right templates at the right time.
Empower team members to personalize
Reduce strain on your creative team by empowering non-designers to personalize and distribute content across digital or printed channels of their own.
Oodles of Lucidpress templatesProtect your brandCustomize the look with Lucidpress Share Lucidpress documents

Empower your organization with a robust Lucidpress brand templating platform.

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Brand management resources

Brand style guide template

Establishing brand guidelines is critical to building and maintaining your brand identity. Follow this template to ensure your brand guidelines are comprehensive and distributed throughout your organization. Download style guide

How to maintain a consistent brand story
In two decades, the digital world has transformed the way brands present themselves—and the bar for quality design is getting higher all the time. How can brands stay competitive in today's design-centric world? Download ebook

State of brand consistency
The state of brand consistency results are in. Lucidpress surveyed over 200 organizations to both best understand and accurately represent the widespread impact and value of brand consistency. Download report

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