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State of brand consistency

In our updated report, read and uncover analytical insights into the measurable influence and impact of brand consistency — and how you can apply them to your bottom line.

The Impact of Brand Consistency Cover

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The state of brand consistency results are in. Lucidpress surveyed over 200 organizations to both best understand and accurately represent the widespread impact and value of brand consistency.

By reading this report, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • 1 How inconsistent branding impacts your company.
  • 2 How brand management and brand status are interconnected.
  • 3 How branding logistics, like guidelines and content production, affects the entire company.

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How much is brand consistency worth? Lucidpress, in partnership with Demand Metric, surveyed over 200 organizations to better understand the impact and value of brand consistency. Survey questions cover multiple aspects of brand management, from presentation and visibility to guidelines and compliance. The results are summarized in this comprehensive 32-page report.

You'll learn:

  • 1 Who should be responsible for protecting your brand
  • 2 What negative impact is caused by inconsistent brand presentation
  • 3 How brand guidelines affect marketing response times
  • 4 Why brand consistency is critical to visibility and growth