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Design and marketing in the new normal

This is a hard time, but it doesn’t need to be harder. Learn from other creative marketing leaders how to be most effective right now.

Design and marketing in the new normal

It’s more important now than ever to not only maintain brand visibility but to also communicate effectively across departments. On top of that, you may be working with limited resources and remote teams.

A lot of us are still expected to perform and meet work expectations during this unprecedented time. If this rings true for you too, we’re hosting a panel discussion with design and creative leaders to address the greatest challenges that creative marketing teams have faced the past few weeks, and tips that can help normalize the workflow.

This is a hard time, but it doesn’t need to be harder. Learn from other creative marketing leaders how to be most effective right now.

  • How has our marketing and design teams’ working process changed recently?
  • What will most effectively help our teams to navigate changes in remote work?
  • How can we accelerate collaboration to ensure we stay in sync and keep our brands consistent?

Scott Talbot

Art Director, Lucidpress

With 7 years of design experience, Scott knows all-too-well the pain of brand inconsistency and wasted design time. He’s passionate about developing and promoting powerful brands, and helping small creative teams punch their weight. Earlier this year, Scott led the creative team in a rebrand of Lucid Software (recently valued at $1B), which resulted in a 75% company-wide adoption rate of the new brand within three months. Prior to Lucidpress, he served as art director for several small local advertising agencies before switching to the corporate world. In his spare time, Scott loves camping in the Wasatch Mountains with his family and dabbling in photography — in fact, he’s quite enjoying his MasterClass with Annie Leibovitz.

Katie O'Kane

Graphic Designer, The Wolff Company

Katie O’Kane was born and raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Arizona in 2014. She attended The University of Arizona where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts and minor in Marketing. Katie is now a Graphic Designer at The Wolff Company, where she creates visually compelling print and digital marketing materials while maintaining brand consistency and managing print production for over fifty multi-family, single-family, and senior properties. Since joining the TWC team, Katie has rebranded the company and aided in implementing a project management solution to organize creative workflow. When not working Katie enjoys bowling, traveling with family, and rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Caleb Hepler

Creative Director, Lucidchart

Caleb is the creative director for Lucidchart, a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. Caleb spearheaded a viral video campaign in which he used Lucidchart to explain “doggos” and other internet memes, generating over 350M views. Prior to Lucidchart, Caleb worked in advertising, editing television and web commercials for brands such as Geico, McDonalds, Capital One, Kraft, Fiat, and many others.