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The power of storytelling for brand growth

An eye-opening webinar about the power of telling your brand's story, presented by world-renowned branding expert David Brier.

“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”
— David Brier

Here’s a question — why should anyone give a whohaa about your brand?

I mean really. Are you that different from what the rest of the market has to offer? Do potential customers really gain from choosing your product over a competitor’s?

The answer is yes. And the reason comes down to the most fundamental building block of your brand: your story.

Properly defining a brand story is the difference between a brand that sticks and one that's forgotten. Did Nike become Nike by simply selling shoes? Did Steve Jobs create one of the largest technology phenomenons in the world by simply building impressive computers?

No and no. The big brands of today are the small brands of yesterday that figured out how to sell their product, and their story.

Brand expert David Brier has isolated the exact secret ingredient to telling compelling brand stories — the brand stories that have earned his clients millions in new business, whether they are startups or established brands. Join David as he shares:

  • The secret ingredient to telling a compelling brand story.
  • How 5 companies boosted their visibility and brand impact with strategically developed stories. See the videos they used to catapult their companies into recognition.
  • An exclusive view of David's legendary video on branding, a viral hit with over 330,000 views on YouTube.
  • Access to his brand new ebook The 6 Steps to Successful Brand Creation (previously only available to clients).

David Brier

Chief Gravity Defyer & Rebranding Expert, DBD International, Ltd.

David Brier is one of today's leading brand and rebranding experts featured in INC, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Insider and Huffington Post. In addition to David's 345 international recognitions for his work, he was presented with the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion and is considered "brilliant with branding" by Shark Tank's Daymond John.