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The secret to herding cats: Internal marketing for brand templates

Internal marketing for your brand templates

Things certainly feel hair-on-fire-fraught right now, don’t they? “There are bigger fish to fry, beautiful designs to be made and dreams to be had!” you think. 

But uh, speaking of those beautiful design dreams. Those can be tough to attain when you’re spending all your time herding cats, trying to get your team members to use brand templates you’ve made for them. 

Here’s the thing — it doesn’t have to. Grab your lunch and join Tyson Mickelsen, Senior Graphic Design at Lucidpress, as he discusses tips and tricks to help you get folks to actually use the brand templates you’ve made.

  • Strike a balance between hand holding and an empowered template user through education
  • Conserve your time, energy and design capabilities while giving the people what they want
  • Delight and inspire your template users

Tyson Mickelsen

Sr. Graphic Designer

Hailing from Castle Rock, Colorado, Tyson is passionate about brand management and design — there's nothing more satisfying to him than creating something that people actually value. With Tyson’s background in both marketing and customer success, he knows how to create content that is not just marketing-related, but informative. In his two years at Lucidpress, he single handedly built and marketed 75 templates internally for the org, which resulted in 100% company-wide user adoption after only six months. In his spare time, Tyson loves to waterski, listen to the soundtrack from Stranger Things, and eat Oreos.