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Seeing the bigger picture: 5 tips to improve creative team management

How can you help your team reach their potential and create great work?

What you will learn:

Being a creative director on an in-house team can be a challenge. Resources can be limited. Roles can be blurry and the red tape can be endless. How can you help your team reach their potential and create great work? Straight from the trenches of in-house creative teams, Scott Talbot and Caleb Hepler from Lucid Software’s creative teams will dive into actionable insights to make you a more effective, more efficient creative leader.
  • Building personal connections with your team
  • Developing a creative vision
  • Avoiding creative burnout

Scott Talbot

Art Director, Lucidpress

With 7 years of design experience, Scott knows all-too-well the pain of brand inconsistency and wasted design time. He’s passionate about developing and promoting powerful brands, and helping small creative teams punch their weight. Earlier this year, Scott led the creative team in a rebrand of Lucid Software (recently valued at $1B), which resulted in a 75% company-wide adoption rate of the new brand within three months. Prior to Lucidpress, he served as art director for several small local advertising agencies before switching to the corporate world. In his spare time, Scott loves camping in the Wasatch Mountains with his family and dabbling in photography — in fact, he’s quite enjoying his MasterClass with Annie Leibovitz.

Caleb Hepler

Creative Director, Lucidchart

Caleb is the creative director for Lucidchart, a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. Caleb spearheaded a viral video campaign in which he used Lucidchart to explain “doggos” and other internet memes, generating over 350M views. Prior to Lucidchart, Caleb worked in advertising, editing television and web commercials for brands such as Geico, McDonalds, Capital One, Kraft, Fiat, and many others.