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The three C’s of managing creative teams

Managing a creative team isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and electrifying brand moments.

Sometimes it’s a whole lot of busy work, alarmingly off-brand content, last-minute custom requests, other people’s egos and ill-suited tools — all of which is par for the course. Because, realistically speaking, we all know that none of those pain points are going away any time soon.

However, you can soften the initial blow (and nurture a strong creative team) with a few strategic approaches, which we’re calling The 3 C’s:

So, join us to learn more about how to build and manage a creative team using The 3 C’s!
  • Clarity — What exactly you and your team need in order to get the ball rolling (no matter how boring the project might be).
  • Collaboration — How your team can best collaborate together and cultivate a stronger brand experience (while minding all unique creative personalities).<
  • Communication — When and where your team can afford to communicate, as well as the various forms of communication.

Jessica Kulchock

Associate Creative Director

Going by any nickname other than “Jessie,” Jessica has over 10 years of design and brand management experience. She is rather enthusiastic about typography, beautifully designed books, the art of menu design and fine wines — and she’s worked with organizations like Sundance Film Festival and Lyft. Should you observe Jessica out in the wild, you can find her snowboarding, herding other people’s dogs, baking obscenely delicious treats and traveling to wherever she can find a plane ticket to.

Monique Seitz-Davis

Associate Content Manager

Monique Seitz-Davis is an Associate Content Manager for Lucidpress. She really likes words, sparkles and the nitty-gritty details that make something *really* come to life. Monique’s produced content for a myriad of brands like, Cotopaxi, Wit & Delight, franki and Merrell. When Monique's not writing, you can likely find her trail running, devouring almost anything covered in marinara or rabble-rousing with her dogs.