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Real estate in 2020 and beyond

Design for selling homes in the digital world

Thursday, November 19, 2020

11:00 AM MST / 1:00 PM EST


Empower agents to create their own content (all while staying on brand).

Real talk for a minute: Does it ever feel like you’re a part-time project manager in addition to doing your full-time job? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with design requests, exhausted from emailing back and forth (hoping to complete a project on-time), or maybe your agents are going rogue and designing off-brand content and you’ve about had it with corralling them.

If this sounds like you, well, we’ve got some good news! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s time to step into a new era of streamlining your design process for the digital world. By using the right tools and software, you can make it easy for agents, your team and your organization to create more effective content and stay on-brand. So you can get back doing your job!
  • The basics of brand templates and how they empower agents to create their own content (all while staying on brand).
  • How to incorporate data automation to your documents.
  • How to make your documents more interactive.
  • How to easily post content on social media.
  • How to encourage agents to adopt new systems.

Bre Yamauchi

Customer Success Manager, Lucidpress

Bre is an Idaho native and Lucidpress pioneer. As our organization’s longest-standing Customer Success Manager, she works with large real estate and financial organizations to help scale marketing teams and build reliable solutions. Bre earned three degrees from Utah State University in Marketing, Business Administration, and Japanese. She was named Utah State’s valedictorian, which landed her huge public speaking opportunities in various locations with audiences over 10,000.

She’s always down for a game of basketball or weekend camping trip!

Tyson Mickelsen

Sr. Graphic Design Specialist, Lucidpress

Hailing from Castle Rock, Colorado, Tyson is passionate about brand management and design — there's nothing more satisfying to him than creating something that people actually value. With Tyson’s background in both marketing and customer success, he knows how to create content that is not just marketing-related, but informative. In his two years at Lucidpress, he single handedly built and marketed 75 templates internally for the org, which resulted in 100% company-wide user adoption after only six months.

In his spare time, Tyson loves to waterski, listen to the soundtrack from Stranger Things, and eat Oreos.