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How to templatize design on campus

7 tips for success

What you will learn:

Today’s world is looking less and less like yesterday’s, as a number of forces collide and demand change in response.

Just to name a few you’ve likely noticed:

New competition—be it international, local, professional, hybrid, or free and massively open online, students have more choices than ever before to continue their education.

Higher tuition—we’ve all heard the stats, but it bears repeating: tuition costs have skyrocketed in recent decades, giving students even more reason to explore other schools and learning paths.

Covid-19—Universities are juggling crisis response, moving to a virtual university environment and dealing with student attrition all at the same time.

The bottom line is this: Universities & colleges are entering a new era, one in which they have to prove their value to potential students if they want to keep their slice of the pie. One competitive advantage many higher ed organizations have traditionally overlooked is the power of strong, consistent branding. By deliberately building and protecting their brand, colleges & universities can better reach and recruit current and future students.

  • Data and insights to share with your team to get them excited about championing your school's brand.
  • Why brand consistency is crucial for growth
  • How to set up brand templating at your school, step-by-step

Christina Sanders

Inbound marketing manager

Christina joined Lucidpress with years of marketing experience under her belt. She serves as inbound marketing manager developing both B2B and B2C marketing channels. Most recently she worked as a campaign manager at 97th Floor, a digital marketing agency where she managed integrated marketing campaigns. Christina graduated from BYU’s public relations program. Outside the office, you’ll find Christina teaching piano lessons or cooking a new recipe she found on Pinterest.